Friday, 6 November 2009

Felt commission

I think one of the best things about having online shops is the possibility of being asked to create a special commission or design. I have been lucky enough to carry out several of these special orders and the above is the latest. The order is from a lovely lady in Australia and the fact that she has not said they she has received it is not going to worry me just yet, but I have emailed to ask.

I am not spoiling her surprise as the order was similar to another cover featured in my Etsy shop. I love making these and I do have another 6 different designs cut out ready to stitch together. I did add additional features to this cover as it was to fit an A4 book, which is the largest that I have ever made.

Due to the bigger size I decided to add some interfacing just to prevent the cover from stretching too much. I then added a fabric label, packed it in my lovely blue tissue paper and labels. It has been over a week since it was sent off and I really do hope that it is alright.

It has been an awful day in my part of Cornwall today but we still took Sophie to a bowling party. Hubby and I hired a lane as well but then had to stop as it malfunctioned and then the party food was served. I was pleased to even go as I had been nursing another bad migraine which started Friday evening soon after I started work on my latest knitted scarf. I had no idea that knitting could affect your health like that. Managed to drag myself out of bed at mid day but mainly because I was hungry! Luckily it has subsided a bit by 3.45pm when the party was due to start but I was not exactly the life and sole of the party but I was still there! Hoping tomorrow will be better. Enjoy the rest of the weekend anyway.



Pomona said...

Hope you are feeling better now. I am waiting for 2 parcels from NZ, one of which is taking an age to get here - I imagine they are in a huge heap of backlog post in a hangar at Heathrow! I do think if you are unlucky it can take 10-14 days to get across the world. It is a lovely book cover though - really pretty.

Pomona x

wonderwoman said...

hope you are feeling better - your commission looks fantastic!


BiEha Besh said...

wow!!!!sooooooo sweeeeet!!!i luv blue!wat a fantastic job~ guwd work dear,,~ :)

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