Monday, 5 October 2009

Stocking swap Inspiration 1..

If you would like to join in you need to sign up HERE by leaving a comment.
I have had a look on google and found some ideas to entice you. Thought someone might have signed up as there was interest a couple of weeks ago. So have a quick look at these.
The following links have free down loadable stocking templates:

Mahalo This site also has a Youtube video plus links to other video tutorials if you scroll down the page.

Now for some pictures:

There are lots of lovely stocking ideas on google images to get the ball rolling.

So how about it?

Take care xx


JuliaB said...

Hi Andrea! Glad you like the button. i'm sure loads of people will sign up. I will excuse myself this year if you don't mind, I just have tooooomuch on! I am only just catching up with my Google Reader tonight!!! xxx

Kathleen said...

I would LOOOOOOOOVE to do the stocking swap. I have been making Christmas Stockings for the better part of 25 years and it never gets old. I'll be looking forward to the details!


Pomona said...

I think it is a lovely idea, but I seem to have taken on a bit too much at the moment, so I am very sorry that I don't think I can join in this time round. xx

Pomona x

Primrose Corner said...

Beautiful stocking collection. I love the curly toed one, bit like a medieaval jesters shoes ....

Pomona said...

Just to say that I have put the button on my blog for you - hope that is OK.

Pomona x

Ally Johnston said...

Sounds like a fun swap. I am getting better at sew so perhaps this is a good opportunity to test the skills. I am in NZ though so if everyone else is in the Uk then I will enjoy vicariously

Roberta Granada said...

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