Sunday, 25 October 2009

Seed Swap Update....

I am a very bad blogger with a poor memory. I did email Pomona personally to say thank you for her swap parcel. However looking back through my posts I can not see that I have posted about it here. Tut Tut. I can only apologise and maybe blame it on my age. (The big birthday is looming).It was all wrapped up in lovely purple tissue paper and the smell was gorgeous. Inside the tissue paper was a floral bag tied up with yellow ribbon.

Inside I found four packets of seeds which will be sown in the garden next summer. By then we shall hopefully have our veg patch sorted out as well. At the moment we are busy with a building project in the house which I intend to say more about this half-term.

Inside I also found four lavender bags. This was the smell I detected when I was opening the parcel. It reminded me of my Grandma's garden. I had a lovely lavender bush at my last house, but for some reason I can not achieve the same standard of plant at my present house. Typical.
I intend using the lavender in an embroidered sachet that I had already started. I have quite a bit of lace upstairs which I had collected years ago because I had the intention to make a cream and lace quilt cover which never happened.

This was a lovely smelling swap which is now making my sewing room smell lovely and a pleasure to be in. i really must buy another lavender plant and try again to make my own for next year. Many thanks Pomona.

The clocks have changed and a welcome extra hour this morning was very nicely. It is lovely and sunny here today so a trip to Lanhydrock for tea, cake and a walk around may be in order this afternoon.

Many thanks for all of the comments on the button bracelet post. I think that is the highest number for a single post that I have ever had.



Bluebell said...

What a lovely idea A Seed swap that is so nice. I love lavender satchets they are lovely in amongst your clothes. I made some bigger ones with a drawerstring so that I can hang them from my bed because Lavender helps you sleep.
Love Jill

JuliaB said...

Lovely Andrea! I know about Pomona's lavender... they are to die for!! xx

Pomona said...

Thank you for your thank you! It was a small return for your lovely parcel to me! Lavender likes it hot and dry - so the sharper drainage you can give it the better. I think that is why it was such a good year for our lavender - 6 months of near drought!

Pomona x

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