Friday, 2 October 2009

Jacobs Ladder Quilt Block- 15...and more...

Here is my latest quilt block for the Around the World Quilting Bee. We are now into our 6 month of block making. I have seen my quilt in progress on Flickr once, so it will be a huge surprise when it finally reaches me again in Cornwall. This is called Jacobs Ladder and was described as a beginners block. I really enjoyed whizzing this one up and even the practice version in some dodgy fabric looks pretty good!

Here is a close up version of the centre of the block. I tried to following the fabric style and colour set by the first block. The yellow features through many of the previous blocks created. This was another 12.5 x 12.5 inch block, so much easier for trying out more complicated designs when it is bigger. I already have the next one lined up and I hope it will be suitable for the quilt, if not I now have quite a bank of block ideas, certainly many more than I had when I started this!

Talking of quilts, Sophie and I are sitting under our handmade quilts watching a Winnie the Pooh DVD!

Ps. I realised that in an earlier post I said I had some news. Well I applied for an internal job at work and got short listed. However, I was pipped to the post and did not get it. I had an interview de-brief and was told that it was very close indeed and the reason I did not get it was because the another candidate had researched into what they could do in the job by asking certain people about setting up certain things, times etc. Now, preparing like that was never asked for and I would not approach it like that because I think it looks like I am assuming that I have got/will get the job. A little too forward for me! So, there you go, by the way I have more experience in all areas that this new job would entail, successful experience as well, but that did not seem to be enough to swing it my way. Sorry if I sound a bit annoyed but 14 years in the job did not seem to count for much in the end! It is over a week ago now and I have had lots of favourable comments since but it is not exactly the same is it?

Anyway, it is the weekend and I have lots of items cut out to sew, a swap to launch, a felt making class to go to tomorrow and some items to list on Folksy and Etsy. So all enjoy the weekend and more pictures to blog tomorrow.

Take care


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