Saturday, 10 October 2009

Christmas stocking Launch and Partner list

Here are the swap partners for this years Christmas Swap here on Indigo Blue Designs.

Andrea @ Indigo Blue Designs........Glenda @ Tuliprose Have emailed.

Josie @ Sykesssillysite.......Louise @ Vintagegiraffe

Meredith@ Denver life.......................Ally @ hey goodbooking

Kathleen @ soulwovensongs........Molly @ Crocheting My Worsted Have Emailled

Due to an uneven number I am going to swap with two people. I have a couple of possible entrants but they did not get back to me. Never mind.

A reminder of the swap guidelines can be found here, rather than typing them out again.

Please could you contact each other, look at each others blogs to get an idea of what they might like. You will both need to swap address details and emails if wished.
Any problems such as not being able to send anything then please let me know asap then I or someone else can step in and help. I want to try and avoid any no-shows and people being disappointed, especially at Christmas. We have just heard in the UK that there are likely to be postal strikes so I am going to try and make mine asap and beat the backlog. let your partner know when you have sent the stocking then they can keep their eyes open. Email each other and you might make a new blogger friend. Any problems let me know. Do not forget to add your picture to the Flickr group, any probs with this then email me a picture and I will upload it for you.

Have fun with this.


CapLady Molly said...

Hi, I am so sorry I did not get my name in soon enough for your stocking swap. I just got out of the week today, I've been there for a whole week because of this nasty flu. My MS and flu don't get along. I would have loved to have gotten Kathleens name because I am from Texas also but because of health I have had to move here to S. Dakota for cooler weather. Maybe I will be able to participate next year. Good luck with it, sounds like fun.

CapLady Molly said...

I just read my post and it is so dumb!! I was in the hospital for a week and just got out today. Well, duh!! Take care

NicNacManiac said...

Hey there,
How are you, I just wanted to give you my blog address as you have the incorrect link for contact with me.
Thanks so much. xOxO Nerina

Nan said...

Oh and my absence has caused me to miss out on such a fun swap. Being sick today has been good for me in a way in that I have been catching up on some reading. Hugs!

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