Thursday, 3 September 2009

Students Exam work

I thought you might like to see the practical work that my students made for their exam this Summer.
Appliqued and quilting baby cot quilt. On the theme of butterflies. Used a Janome 350e on this too.

An amazing bag made using Amy Butler fabric. I would struggle to do better! An American pattern was used where there were diagrams and you had to draw up the pattern pieces yourself. Had a few sleepless nights over this!

Applique, beading, patchwork and quilted cushion.

A cushion which has so much on it that it would take ages to blog about it! If you think of it she has used the technique. The photo does does quite pick up the colours of the fabric to its advantage.

Based on the Amy Butler cushion pattern. (This group liked Amy Butler patterns and fabric, my influence I am afraid.) 24 handmade petals.

A ball gown which again the camera has not quite picked up the colour. Tricky fabric to work with. Fitted perfectly.
This is only a part of this students work. It is a double bed duvet and pillow set. Created her own pattern and dyed her own fabric. Crisp and fresh. I made up a little mock bed using the tables like they do in Debenhams, looked just right.
A small but excellent group. They all got the grades predicted and in some cases higher. The feedback from the moderator was very complimentary to the students and me. They are a lovely group and I will miss them a lot, one of the group I taught for 5 years on the trot and her Mum is now my daughter's TA for this school year! Small world. Now that the dust had settled I start all over again with the next group of Year 11 tomorrow morning!
Off to do some work for tomorrow.
Take care


Primrose Corner said...

Wow! What talent. They must have been an absolute pleasure to work with. That Amy Butler cushion looks wonderful and that turquoise patchwork cushion is a masterpiece. The bag has worked out well, quite a challenge drawing up pattern pieces like that and that zip placement looks masterfull. The shibori dyeing on the bedset is fanstastic. I know from experience that such beautiful patterns aren't so easy to create in reality. I like the way the rings go 1, 2 3 very clever....

I hope they all continue to develop their skills in some way... They're obviously flourished under your guidance.

Gina said...

Great exam pieces.

Gemma had to miss out on Textiles as there wasn't enough interest for them to offer the course at GCSE level. She was quite upset as she enjoyed the early years of it

Love and hugs Gina xxx

trasha said...

Oh those are stunning pieces. How exciting to have a whole new group to work with.

FazendoArte said...

great works
congrats to students

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