Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Where have I Been.......?

No where much really, honestly....
I have not blogged for nearly a week!! Goodness me I am starting to slack. I have had a good reason and that is working on things for school as I go back tomorrow! Last week I did make this block in the next round of the Quilt Around the World Bee but I have forgotten where I am with this. It may be block 11 but I am not sure. Now, the one thing that I have had a few problems with, being relatively new to trying to create blocks with any kind of design, is the fact that each one that came through the post is a different size. Not having access to my beloved photocopier, changing the size of my carefully made templates was not easy if at all possible.
This particular block came through the post and it measured 7 x7 inches, by far the smallest one so far! I loved the colours used by the owner of the quilt in their starter block and decided to sew my uneven log cabin that I used for the Scrappy Christmas block swap that I have been involved with. By the end of it, having added the crisp white border around it, it may be one of my smallest and simplest contributions but possibly one of my favourites!
I have been collecting pictures of other things that I have been doing since last week. We have embarked on another building project which may well have me reduced to a stressed heap in a few weeks and a piece of happy news too!
I shall be back tomorrow with some pics of my students coursework now that the results are out. I do not know what they got yet, due to other issues I did not get into school last week but never mind, I have found out by other means that they are all pleased with what they got and are now moving on to the next stage of their lives.
PS: I have put a guest Crochet blog post here.


Primrose Corner said...

Another pretty block. Summer holidays seem to stretch out endlessly in July don't they? and now suddenly it seems to have flown by.

flossyblossy said...

I love this block! 7 x 7 is really tiny so i'd better get my thinking cap on!!!

wonderwoman said...

that is a lovely block, i have just received your parcel today, so will be working on mine tomorrow!


Kitty said...

Often the simplest things are the most stylish - that's a fabulous block.

Good luck for the new academic year.


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