Saturday, 15 August 2009

London Holiday Pics ...A selection..

Meet Dave! Dave is about a year old and is a cat with a lot of character!! He is the only cat I have ever met who likes to sleep flat on her back. The other cat Ray is rather camera shy! Very entertaining cats and Sophie had lots of fun playing with them. They have more life than our poor old Tiger!

My sister-in-law and her partner have a very successful allotment plot and when Sophie went along to help collect some veg for dinner she found this very bendy courgette! it tasted very nice too.

Smile!! You are on camera.

Plenty of dough and bread making which ended up being these lovely bread sticks to have with dip.

We were also treated to completely homemade pizza... it was gorgeous!

ingredients are collected together. Sorry but we ate it before I got my camera switched on.

One afternoon we took a fishing rod to the beach and again hubby managed to catch some mackerel which we took back home and smoked them for dinner. (Honestly, we seem to have done nothing but eat and sleep all week!)

On Sunday we went on the train to London and got in a taxi and drove past Buckingham Place.

...and Westminster Abby...

Also Big Ben, hubby is really pleased with his photo here, could not have gotten any more in it, on our way to...

The London Eye. I am really pleased with this picture, thank goodness for decent camera lenses.I hope I have not bored you yet but if you have not been on the London Eye I thought that you might to get an idea of what you would see. It is worth visiting and you can book and pay for your tickets online.

Going up!

Right at the very top of the Eye!

After the London Eye we wandered along the South Bank and came upon this Art Installation called Polka Dots on the Trees (I think?) Fabric had been wrapped around all of the trees. Sophie loved it.

After lunch it was off to The Natural History Museum on a very crowded, hot and noisy underground. It got so crowded trying to get out via the escalators and Sophie being quite small is was a little worried so the three of us crowded round her to keep people back a bit. The Museum was ever so hot and we could only stand being in there long enough to see the Dinosaurs as Sophie has been studying them at school this year.

She was not at all scared of them but was surprised at just how big they were! Some were actual remains and some were marked as being models due to not enough bits having been found. There were signs helping you to pronounce the names and Sophie did very well with this!

I was impressed on how many of them Sophie recognised and told us bits about them. Must have been taught well at school and she clearly has an interest in this topic. I did as well and I remember very clearly coming on a school trip to The Natural Museum when I went to primary school in Kent years and years ago!

We then went to see the fish and some of the largest mammals on the planet and Sophie could not believe the size of the Big Blue Whale! Then we decided it was time to go home as Sophie was visibly tired and it was now quite hot so on the way back to the train station we did go past an ice cream van and went to see Peter Pan's Statue in Hyde Park. I have not seen this either, it was very busy too...

Then it was back to Victoria Station and home. Phew!



ladybelle1234 said...

What a wonderful time you must have had!! Lots of memories. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing. I've never been to London.

silverpebble said...

It looks as though you had some fabulous fun - love your cooky/bakey pics too - delicious!

April said...

My cat Jessie likes to sleep on her back too

April xx

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh it looks so much fun and brings back a lot of memories of days trekking around London. The Peter Pan statue is a favorite of mine!

JuliaB said...

WOW! that red taxi/big ben picture is fantastic! Quite iconic London... not surprised hubby is pleased with it, must be quite rare to have no other traffic around!! Shame the museum was too hot. But that means you'll have to have another trip when it's a bit cooler! x

trashalou said...

We are off to London on Wednesday so these are great tourist tips - thanks :-)

Josie said...

great holiday pics of London, cute cat pic, Kitt sometimes sleeps on her back, I think there is a pic somewhere on the blog. The smoked mackerel looks delicious.
Josie x

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photos! Looks like you had a great trip.

Gina said...

Looks like you had a great time and I love the pic of the cat

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Mary said...

Wow! That sounds (and looks) like a fabulous time!

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