Monday, 24 August 2009

Crochet Post Shock!!

I am in total shock!!! Why? Well, I have had over 349 unique hits for my Crochet baby blanket post!
Many thanks to everyone who visited, I wish I knew who some of you were. 349 comments would have put my blog into meltdown but I do like to try and discover new blogs. Found quite a few this Summer holiday and become a follower to many. I will try and add some more to the side bar. Modernjax is a recent find and is organising the Scrappy Christmas Quilt Swap. Pictures tomorrow, an early night is needed because Hubby has a boat survey to do early in Plymouth and we are going with him so that afterwards we can go to The Marble Factory in Bovey Tracy, Devon. Yep, I am determined to go, even if it is blooming well raining, poor Sophie is starting to show signs of cabin fever. Every time the poor girl goes to the back door it starts raining again! Today was the best day we have had in days and days!
Best Wishes all.


Gina said...

Enjoy yourself in Plymouth. Will you be popping in to Serendipity in Bovey Tracey. I love that quilt shop and try and pop in when I go down to the Orchid nursery not far from there

Love and hugs Gina xxx

JuliaB said...

Hi Andrea! It's odd isn't it when you get so many hits and not a single comment!! I've had over 500 hits this week and very few comments from that! Oh well. I must admit to enjoying a lurk myself!! x

1whirleddesign on twitter said...

Hi, you might like to know that I "tweeted" about your blog...the dishcloths, not sure about the baby blanket. I love crochet too, and I look for good blogs to tell people about on my twitter posts.
:) Maybe this has helped your views.

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