Thursday, 20 August 2009

Crochet crazy!!

When I was packing to go on our little holiday I wanted to take something portable to do. After the success of my jewel crochet scarf I decided to have a go at something else. A colleague at work became a Dad just before term ended so I thought a blanket that could be taken anywhere might be an idea.
My Mum knitted a lovely little white blanket when Sophie was born and we used it a lot. So a small blanket it would be.

I bought some lovely soft pale blue baby wool and decided to use my favourite purple crochet hook which is size 5.5. I spent a little while researching other tutorials to try and get an idea as to how big I should make it. They varied immensely so in the end I decided to:

Use granny squares and make them 5x5 inches, (12.5cm x 12.5cm)

Four balls of wool 50g double knit wool and just keep going until it was either the right size or I ran out. I really do need to not have left overs in the house, I am trying to de stash not add to it!

The wool was lovely to work with and I eventually had 30 squares, it is surprising how quickly they increased.

I then over stitched them together and it came out to a good size for a pram, little cover up for a nap, putting on the floor etc.
Now, the next bit I am secretly quite chuffed with, as you all know I am trying to teach myself to crochet and the border on my scarf was ok but I wanted to try something else a little simpler. So using white wool I picked up the stitches on the edge and used single crochet to go round the edging.

To try and keep the corners flat I put an extra chain in between the single crochet which did make it fan out a bit, lay flat and I ended up with a nice curve. Not sure if that is the correct way of doing it but it looks nice and it came out the same on all four corners! I crocheted 6 rows around the edge.

After I had finished it I noticed a nice diamond effect from having made the blanket with smaller Granny Squares rather than making one great big square. Happy accident, that was not deliberate.

This picture gives a much better idea of the colour. I really enjoyed making this. Do you think that I should wash it before I give to the parents? I did not fully finish this whilst on holiday but I did make good progress, the stitching together and white border went on this week at home. However I did make other crochet items which I am now a little hooked on for my kitchen, more on that tomorrow.

Take care



Gina said...

What a lovely gift. My grandmother made each of my boys crochet baby blankets and I still have them.

Kathleen said...

What a great gift...and how lovely it is. I love the diamond effect. It's one of my favorite ways to do granny afghans.

Gina said...

What a great blanket. I'd put it through a quick,gentle wash just in case it's picked up some dust in the making

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Pomona said...

It looks really pretty - what a lovely present to get!

Pomona x

wonderwoman said...

what a lovely blanket - and well done you for doing it without help - when i started learning to crochet i decided i needed lots of assistance!!!


Anonymous said...

It turned out so well! I love the way the blue and white looks together.

Chocolate Cat said...

What a gorgeous baby present, it is just beautiful and looks so cosy. I wouldn't wash it before I gave it but thats just me!

CorinneCanCraft said...

What a pretty blue! And that accidental diamond pattern is great! I love accidental . freeform crocheting.

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