Friday, 21 August 2009

Buy it Now... well...hopefully..

I did try this just under a year ago and gave up because I could not get the layout and button to work properly. Every now and then I thought might feature an item here before I list it in any of my shops with the option to buy it if 'signing up' to a shop site like Etsy is not your thing. I could not make it work despite lovely help for another Andrea in Devon. So I left it.

Soft pink canvas, pink zipper, 19.5cm x 12.5cm (7 3/4" x 5") Lined with Gingham. Embellishments all hand stitched. Free gift wrap. Only one of these. UK viwers only at the momnt until any problems have been ironed out. Sorry.


If this has posted then it means that it has worked and yet another computer gremlin of mine has been put to rest. Yippee!! I have several more gremlins to solve but I shall leave those for another day. Any problems please let me know by simply leaving a comment below. No, you will not accidently buy anything by leaving a comment!

P.S I am still figuring out how I am going to get rid of the gap between item and button. I suggestions? I shall sleep on it.

Take care xx


silverpebble said...

Now THAT is a bargain. Gorgeous x

twiggypeasticks said...

So pretty, well done Andrea.
Twiggy x

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