Monday, 20 July 2009

Around the World Quilting bee - Block 7

I will confess that this next stage of the quilting challenge had me tearing my hair out!! I did not seem to have anything in my stash that seemed to go with the starter block and I was aware of how many times I had made the log cabin. I really wanted to try something else.
So I went into the workroom (titchy tiny workroom) and began putting bits of fabric along side each other. Then, before I knew it I was pinning and cutting a little bit here and there and then laying it all out. So in the end nearly an hour later I had made some decisions. The sewing machine was already set up ,so I started to look at constructing it and to stop a long story I had the whole block made which meant a later night to bed than intended. But I do not care!!! It worked ( I think) and the yellow has a circle pattern on it which the pictures does not show up as much as it could. I am certainly learning a lot from this challenge and I am looking forward to the next block arriving. I am working on some block ideas already.
Hope you all had a good weekend.xx


Anonymous said...

I think the block looks great! And there is nothing wrong with a log's a classic for a reason :)

Primrose Corner said...

Another lovely block. I make a lot of log cabin blocks. I really like them. But, it's good to try something new and it looks really and beautifully put together.

wonderwoman said...

your block looks great, at least i know whats coming so i can have a head start and look through my stash!
nothing wrong with log cabin - i love that design!


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