Sunday, 14 June 2009

"Never Ending Knitted Blanket....progress...

I can see a glimmer in the distance (and yes it might a train, but it is the knitting train!). During half term I tried to knit a square each evening and I managed quite a bit. As the weeks have gone on I have had trouble trying to stick to that, but I am getting there.

I started to sew them together a little while ago, and last weekend I decided to lay it all out on the living room floor to get some idea of where I had got to. It is meant to be 10 squares by 10 totally 100 squares (what was I thinking when I started this?).

Whilst making this blanket I have learnt many new stitches and I am getting better at reading basic patterns. There are embellishment stitches to add and I thought that I may make up my own as those suggested are a bit repetitive. Once it is sewn together I thought that I might try and crochet a little edging around it to help keep the blankets shape. Well that is the plan.

Last weekend I made a bit of a spontaneous decision to buy a new mobile. It is nothing flash ,£30 in fact. My beloved Kath Kidston limited edition phone is starting to play up a little and I wanted something a little more reliable for the school trip to France. I shall keep the other phone and just swap the sim card back as I really do like the Kath Kidston design on it.

This time I thought that I really should make more use of a mobile phone case and luckily I was able to adjust one that I had made as a sample for the project that I run at school.

Made from bright pink felt on the outside and white felt on the inside. The button needed moving a little because this phone is longer than the last one.

I cut out flowers from a piece of felt that was covered in the green flowers. They were stitched on with running stitch. The button is a lovely bright green.

The flowers were then sprinkled over the flap and partway down the back of the case. The whole thing was then put together using blanket stitch. So I sort of recycled it. I have found another technique that I am very new to but I am loving very much so another mobile phone cover may well be created very soon!!!

Back tomorrow with news on that and my Workshop on Saturday.

Have a good week.



wonderwoman said...

now correct me if i'm wrong but i'm sure you said you didn't knit much - well for someone who doesn't you have made a beautiful blanket - its gorgeous! and i love your little phone holder - how cute is that!


JuliaB said...

That blanket is fab! And something I might be able to manage myself with my limited knitting ability ... I might make enough squares by the time I have grandchildren!! x

summersadie said...

What great projects!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

As a knitter, I wonder whether you would you be interested in joining in the Craft Hope project?

jo said...

That phone case is sooo cute!

Primrose Corner said...

Love the phone cosy. The blanket is looking good. I like the idea of crocheting an edge ont it I think it would help it keep it's shape.

inkberryblue said...

Your blanket's working up beautifully. I think a crochet edging would work really nicely too.

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