Monday, 29 June 2009

France - Day 3

On the third day we went off to central Paris. We were dropped off over the road from the Eiffel Tower and it was very busy. A couple of youngsters backed out of climbing to the second floor due to being scared of heights. However two brave students , who were shaking like leaves, did go up to the second floor and back down and they were given a little prize for meeting a personal fear head-on. I also have a problem with heights which is why I forced myself to go up to the top of St Paul's Cathedral when I was about 9 years old.

I took this picture as soon as we got off the bus. Lovely blue skies.

The last time I visited here it had been a glorious day!

A view from the second floor.

A river boat on the river Seine which is to be our next stop.

I did try and take a picture of a view looking towards the Sac re cour but it was a little too far away! Once we had walked back down the tower we all made our way over to the river to enjoy a river boat ride up and down the river Seine.

The weather had just clouded over a little which I was happy with because last time I did the river ride it was far too hot, almost unbearable.

Just got part of Notre Dame, which is actually quite high up and the boat went very close to the river edge. A very impressive building!!

This is where Maria Antoinette stayed before she was executed. After the hour long boat ride we had a guided tour round some of Paris on the coach. There is far too much to put here, i hope no one has fallen asleep yet, so I shall just put up some pics.

The building above is said to be the the one that the Phantom of the Opera is based around. Very grand! I think it is the Museum of Music.

We also saw the outside of Johnny Depp's apartment but the angle was too sharp to get a picture, sorry, looked nice thought right in the heart of Paris.

We then headed off to the Sacre Ceour and Monmartre where there were lots of artists painting and selling their work. I bought some this year and I will post about them when I have had them framed.

It was very busy here and hot. Not long after this picture was taken it started to spit with rain and then the rain vanished as quick as it had arrived. Very odd.

The following day we had the long journey home and I arrived back through my front door at 12.45am Saturday morning1 I am still recovering a bit as we then hit the ground running at work and have been running ever since. I have reports to do this week, update marking and a review next week. Not much sleep for the next few days then. Not sure if the spell check and me have got it all correct.



summersadie said...

Gorgeous! I love seeing your pictures. AND, I'm a huge fan of both the Phantom of the Opera and Johnny Depp :)

write my essay said...

cool! ))

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