Sunday, 28 June 2009

France - Day 2

Another early start with breakfast and then a sandwich production line to make over 90 lunches!! Then it was onto the coach again and off to Disneyland. Now, regular followers will know that hubby and I took Sophie to Disneyland in February and it was all booked before I knew that I was coming with the school. Due to a season change since then it all looked a bit different and it was still fun. I asked Sophie if she would like me to bring anything back and she gave me a small list, so that was one job that I needed to do.
All of the youngsters went off in small groups and met up every so often to make sure everyone was ok and the day seemed to shoot by very quickly. We saw a really big parade but I decided to take my smaller advantix camera rather than my big digital SLR which is quite heavy to carry after a while. Hence no pics. I will scan them in and add them once they have been developed.

During my last visit I spent a lot of time trying to catch up with Minnie Mouse, this time I saw her four times in different outfits, no Sophie to see this either, typical!

It was red hot so by 5pm I was more than ready to go back to the coach. On the way back we found a little french girl about 5 years old sitting on the floor crying her eyes out. Our kids were concerned but being so many of them actually frightened her more, so I stayed near waiting for one of our french speakers to catch up. By the time they did the girl clearly saw her Mum and ran to her. It astonished us that still in some cases a close eye is not being kept on little ones. It must have been some time that she was lost because the little girl was nearly hysterical by the time Mum appeared. Guess what, Mum did not seem over concerned either. Made me a bit cross that!
Anyway, off back to the chateau for dinner.
The evenings were lovely and warm right up to 10pm and it was nice to be able to sit outside the accommodation block, we took it in group turns to patrol the corridors each night.

I have just finished writing a scheme of work for typing up tomorrow so I feel quite pleased with myself! Sophie and hubby are playing with lego and they have found a website that has making instructions on it that may be of interest HERE.
More tomorrow as I have some more work to look at for tomorrow.
Take care xx

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