Sunday, 7 June 2009

AWQB - Block 4 - Log Cabin

This is my fourth block for this challenge and I am really pleased with it. I did need to go fabric shopping for this and for the last block as my colour range is very different to the blocks that are coming through at the moment. I needed to get a green in the block somewhere and the green fabric that I found was quite patterned. It is quite bold in the picture and the camera has made it look quite strong here. It is less forward in real life.

I like taking close ups of my work. I think that over the past year some of them may well become my next set of MOO cards too. You can see the pattern on the green piece. I have some left so you may well see it again!!

Off for a cycle ride tomorrow if it does not rain. I hope my typing is much better today since I had my glasses fixed . I have no idea what I had done to them but even the chap in the shop laughed. They now sit on my head straight and securely!

I have been busy at work this week but I have also managed to do some making to help with my down time otherwise my sleep is affected because I can not switch off properly. More on that tomorrow.

Take care.



wonderwoman said...

lovely block! am just about to finish mine for the last group you sent me! will try to do a pic this time, i keep forgetting!

Kim Dellow said...

Love the choice of fabrics. Lovely. Kim

kathy said...


picciolo said...

hi, your quilt blocks are great, I hope mine tuns out as well!
: )

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