Tuesday, 12 May 2009

"Where are my Pins?"

Flower shaped pincushion.

Over-sized pincushion and needle case set.

After much struggling to upload pictures these have now finally been listed in my Folksy shop.

Postage seems to have increased lately, or is it me? So I have tried to keep it as low as I can.

The marks for the coursework have now been sent away and I am now concentrating on other work. So this week has been very busy indeed and will remain so into next week. Then hopefully it will ease up a little.
Do not forget to enter my 300th post Giveaway, the deadline is next Sunday 17th May 2009.
Click on the link to see the prizes and for further information.
Nice to see a few names enter that I have not 'met' before. The more the merrier!
Off to mark some more files.
Take care


madmummy said...

Congrats on 300 posts! What a lovely giveaway!
xxx Steph

wonderwoman said...

the pin cushions are lovely - i bet they will soon be gone!!


madmummy said...

Just seen your comment on my (neglected!) blog! Thanks for thinking of me!!
xxx S

maggi said...

Lovely pincushions - they won't hang around for long I am sure. You are right about the postage increases, I went to post a card recently and got an up to date leaflet of charges. Ordinary postage has gone up by nearly 30% - how do they justify that?

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