Saturday, 16 May 2009

Giveaway deadline 17th May..

Last reminder for my 300th Post Giveaway and the deadline is tomorrow at midnight. (GMT). We have a busy day today. Sophie is at Ballet, then there is housework to be done, Sophie's friend Rachel is coming at 4pm. We are then taking them out to an Italian Family restaurant. Back here for Sophie's (and Rachel's) first sleep-over and then on Sunday Hubby is taking them to another friends party over at Dairyland!!

Sophie has a better social life than me or Hubby!! Being an only child though we do realise that getting lonely can happen that we must make opportunities for her to socialise outside of school.

Eurovision Song Contest tonight, anyone going to watch it? I think we should stop entering and use the money for something else because it has become such a political farce, but I shall probably still watch it and hope that a miracle happens if only for the sake of the brave young singer who is going to put her all into her performance for the UK.

I have sent my first quilt block to Maria (Wonderwoman) and I shall upload it today but I have other things that need photographing too. I can hear my washing pile calling to me so I had better be off.
Enjoy the day.

1 comment:

wonderwoman said...

just to let you know have received your block and its gorgeous - will do my very best to match it!


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