Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Fit for a Princess...

After weeks of waiting and a delivery which saw 6 damaged boxes out of 8, then a new delivery we were finally able to start putting Sophie's long awaited new bed together. Had you forgotten about that? Not surprised, it has taken so long after all!

So, I got home on Friday to yet another massive pile of boxes in the living room and I looked at hubby to try and gauge whether all was ok or whether I was going to turn around and get back in the car to drive off. However all seemed good, so I stayed. After a much needed cup of tea we set to work with the possibility of break in play as Hubby needed to go off at 6pm to run the local model car racing club.

This time the instructions were there, that's right we had no instructions with the first delivery either! But one allen key, well you can't have it all can you?

Due to the time scale lets recap, 1st April we decided to have a go at wall papering one wall in Sophie's room. The date itself should have been an omen as to how it was going to go, but it looked much better the following morning.

Sophie was moved into the attic. Suffice it to say we shall NOT be wallpapering again any time soon. It does look stylish though, I was quite impressed with Sophie's choice.

Still waited during Easter (several phone calls made) as I had hoped that the bed would have been delivered when I was at home. Huh, no such luck so Sophie had a friend over one afternoon and I made Sophie some new curtains...

Then we finally arrive to last Friday.

It was a bit of a tight fit making it in her room. A piece of advice - do not make solid wood beds in your bare feet, especially when there are small piles of screws and bolts lying around! So, just under two hours later we had finished it. No swaering, apart from the pile of screws bit, or any other problems at all.

Here it is!

We have since added another set of white shelves on the wall which she can use later for CD's but Sophie is using it for small books. The junk on the floor has now been found homes in the very useful storage nuder the bed. A pink hanging bag storage thingy has been added to the wall at the end of the bed too for those blasted furry toys that you keep trying to cull but instead they increase in numbers behind your back!

The ladder hooks over the side of the bed which I moved so that you could see underneath the bed. That storage area has already been used as a den since Friday. It smells new and looks great. We had some floating pine looking shelves which we sanded and then sprayed white with Plasticote from B&Q which worked really well. These shelves are high up at the moment and for display so the chances of any paint chipping off is small.

Due to the bed being much higher Sophie could not use her little chair for her night light, drink or torch. (Torch? I know, well I have a 'just in case' daughter). I make fabric buckets and I have several with my threads etc in. So the night light has vanished, and the drink pot, torch, tissues etc not sit snugly in the corner by her pillow. Stroke of genius eh? I am in the process of making some more of these because I find them really useful and better than plastic.

So, there you go. Sophie's room is finished and what with the bank holiday gardening I do not think that we have wasted our time at all.

The next project is the dreaded fence panelling! (If it is raining I am not doing it, OK?)

This week I shall be marking coursework but I do have a few things that I made last week to show you and to keep things going.

300th post looming too.
Take Care. xx


Melanie said...

i love that bed. im looking for something that practical for my son but am having trouble finding one. the fabric buckets are a super idea and i have made a few myself in the past. the less plastic the better i say! Bravo!

Primrose Corner said...

Well, despite all the anquish it looks lovely. I bet Sophie is loving it too. It has a very warm and snuggly look to it all.

April said...

it looks great and you've given me a great idea about the fabric buckets as my daughter also has what we've always called a ladder bed!

April xx

Kitty said...

It looks great - I bet Sophie is thrilled to bits with it. In the end I had to get one of those corner hammock things for the soft toys - they did my head in ... always falling off the top of the wardrobe! The hammock worked really well. x

Chocolate Cat said...

Sophies bed looks fantastic (just as well with how long you had to wait!). We now try to not buy anything that says 'some assembly required'!!!

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