Saturday, 9 May 2009

Creative Swap Delivered to me...

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I got home from work this week to find a very large white padded envelop sitting on the kitchen table. It was all the way from America and was the return swap from the 12" x 12" quiltie creative challenge that I had entered. It has been made by Barbara Roberts who lives in Florida. (I need to email her after writing this post to say thank you). The colours are lovely and there is a piece of fabric on the back with the details of how this quiltie was made. A lot of hard work and thought has gone into this quilite and as with all of the quilites that I have received I shall either put it in a frame or hang it up somehow. I do not know who has received mine yet and hope that it has not come all the way back to the UK which would be rather ironic wouldn't it?

The edge has been finished with some lovely braid so a lovely frame may be the answer. Some of the embellishment is 3d so I shall probably leave the glass out. This is a lovely piece of work and it will look lovely on the wall in our house.

I was lucky to be voted as one of the runners up and in the parcel from Lenna were some lovely stickers and gorgeous cross grain ribbonwhich I love using. Thank you Lenna I was not expecting a prize or anything like that, it was a lovely thought.

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Chocolate Cat said...

This is gorgeous, what a lovely parcel to receive!

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