Sunday, 26 April 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy....

This is my 291 post so a 300 post giveaway is looming. I shall start to think about it. Today started with staggering downstairs to make that all important first cup of tea, feed the cat and put the bread maker on. Then put some washing on that got forgotten yesterday, tut tut.

Then to put Sophie in the shower, breakfast and then to swiftly move onto housework. We are up and at it today because Hubby wants to see the F1 race today because the weather means that putting the last coat of paint on the garage is unlikely today. I also want to finish some marking, look at a scheme of work and then have some me time. If you have smalls and watch 'Me too' you will know that they have a song about finishing a task on time and it is a bit like that here.
Last night two more felt chick egg cosies were purchased which I am delighted about as I wondered if now that Easter has gone they would sit there doing nothing.

You can give them as gifts anytime. So they need packing and sending tomorrow. I also need to update my shops and take some pictures for a sketchbook project that the Embroiderers Guild is to run for a full year. Sounds along time but that slips by quickly doesn't it?

SEEDS Sketchbook Project

When I was told that the theme for the sketchbook was seeds I inwardly groaned because it did not exactly fill me with inspiration. So I sat on it so to speak for a few weeks but during the Easter break I did manage to make a start. I have more to add but I have not photographed it. I have been a bit slack with pictures this week! I want to do some stitch samples to add to the sketchbook too. The final intention is to have all of the sketchbooks as part of our next exhibition so I want it to be reasonably good. Normally I do sketchbooks just for me and I sometimes show them here but not deliberately for people to see so we are all making a bit of a shaky start!

The ATC's information I shall try and scan again today as it did not want to know yesterday (technology is wonderful, but only when it works!) and as I said before I am looking for 6 people but give me a chance to post the info before you say yes! They are small, you make them all the same as they go to the 6 people.

I also want to spend some time with Sophie who has just started cutting up boxes etc to make something! I have not got a clue what she is making but she does so that is want counts. Yesterday we bought her very first pair of trainers. My little baby is growing up too fast!! Slushy Mummy moment.

So off I must go and try to reach my goal and to catch the light so photos to be taken.
Enjoy the rest of the day,


Lynn said...

I love the egg cozy! And, I know about your wonderful sketchbook! Keep up the good work,I am always in awe of you!

wonderwoman said...

cute little egg cosies!!! make the most of them when they are little - you turn round and they are teenagers!!!


Kitty said...

I think those chicky egg cosies will sell all year round - after all, eggs come from chooks!

The seed project sounds really interesting to me - I look forward to seeing how it progresses.


Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like a very busy day!!!

picciolo said...

sounds like a busy day! Hope you got your me time!
: )

JuliaB said...

Hi A, I think the seedbook looks great! And just the right time of year to catch lots of sprouting pictures ! x

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