Monday, 16 March 2009

Seal Sanctuary

The weather yesterday was just too good to stay indoors and seeing as many of the boring jobs such as washing had been done we decided to drive down to Gweek and visit the Seal Sanctuary. I took many pictures, so I shall keep the text to a minimum so that you can take in the pictures of these lovely creatures.
The tide was out when we arrived. This is about 2pm.

We saw these seals in the very first area which was not labelled. There were about 6 of them and I had a job getting them all in one picture.

Got them in a group in the end.Sophie has been here before but she was quite young so she was very much looking forward to this so she ran on ahead wearing a natty little Easter Bonnet which I bought at The Range just in case I get a letter from school for an Easter Bonnet in two days sort of thing!

The is the area where the seals go when they first arrive and there were some seals in here who are getting ready to go back into the wild.

This is the convalescent pool and this big old boy was sunny himself whilst having a snooze.

There are places where yo can see through windows under the waterline and I am surprised that this picture actually came out without any back flash.

The is a fur seal and he is MASSIVE! Came dashing up to the perspex window and you could not help but move backwards.

Scenic shot.

We then went to watch some Otters being feed.

Due to getting there a little later and there being so few people Sophie was one of a few little ones who had the chance to help feed the large seals. They stood up on a gallery otherwise I think Sophie would have been the dinner! She was not at all bothered about picking up slimy fish with gloves on and throwing them to the seals. There was a little boy who preferred to just watch. That's my girl!!

Then watched this big seal being fed. He was very 'tame' then we were told that he is completely blind and listened for the fish, if that makes sense. Again he was huge.

It was a fantastic afternoon out, we all caught the sun very slightly and I hope we all have many more days like this as I think we were all cheated out of our Spring and Summer last year.



kathy said...


kleinzonnetje said...

Looks like fun! I'm so happy that the sun has finally started to show it's face a little more. Every thing seems so much better when the sun is shining!

wonderwoman said...

what lovely pics - they are such gorgeous creatures - a great way to spend the day and lovely weather - what a change that makes!


silverpebble said...

Seals AND otters? Surely they're both in the top five loveliest animals - magic!

JuliaB said...

Lovely pics and a lovely day Andrea! Where is Gweek though?? x

Kitty said...

I really enjoyed the pictures - thanks for sharing. Seals are such fun to watch, aren't they? x

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