Thursday, 19 March 2009

Project Improv Quilting...

I am taking part in Project Improv with Tall Grass Prairie. I signed up to make a charity block with the specific colour scheme of pink and orange. Not my colour choice at all which is why I picked. the chance to use colours such as these for a good reason... I went to Truro and bought some fabric. I thought I had some orange tucked away, left over from a project. but as usual I could not find it. I then cut it up and because I am on the log cabin trail again I made the above block.

I had cut up two fat quarters and still had some left so I made another one. The centre has not quite gone right and I did not spot this until it was too late. I am not an expert at this so hopefully it will still be acceptable. After I had ironed it I then went back to my sewing table and guess what?!

I had enough to make a third one! Tried to create a bit of a Improv pattern and managed to use up all of the bits. This will be sent off to America at the weekend.

The other part of the project is to make something and if my understanding is right my blue and white quilt fits the bill. This is why I have been blogging a little bit about it. Once I have finished it I can upload my finished quilt onto a group flickr page. It has spurred me on to work on it along side other things.

I have actually completed all of the squares since taking this picture but it gives an idea of how it looks at the moment. There will be bands along all of the sections to the quilt to divide them up.

Here is a close up of some of the squares. The log cabin is completely random as I doubted that I could stick to a pattern. See blocks above! I can not believe that it is nearly a year since I made Sophie's quilt. If I do another one I really must try a harder pattern/design. What would you suggest for a fairly new quilter?

Enjoy your evening



wonderwoman said...

your blue and white blocks are just lovely!
a nice quilt to do is a stripey quilt and if you'd like a pattern i can send you one or its in a book called quick quilts to make in a weekend by Rosemary Wilkinson.


silverpebble said...

That blue and white quilt is absolutely gorgeous - I'm feasting my eyes on it. I loved the wall hangin in your last post too. I find Macintosh's simple rose design so satisfying to look at (and to sketch too). Delicious colours. Emma x

Dresden Plate said...

Lovely blue and white blocks, it is going to look super.
whenever I'm back 'home' I pop into Truro fabrics for a look at their wonderful choice of fabrics!

Primrose Corner said...

I'm not a pink and orange person either, but it'll be interesting to see what it looks like finished. Love what you're doing with the blue and white block now that does look special.

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