Tuesday, 24 March 2009

My new Pin Pal...

My blue and white quilt has generated some good sized leftovers and because the fabric is good quality patchwork fabric I can no bare to just throw it out. So more pincushion pals have been made, I have some more in the pipeline. I did make this one a little differently this time. I stitched some of the pieces to make a larger bit, then put some fleecy interfacing behind it and then with silver embroidery thread I did some free-machine embroidery on the surface.

I think that these beaded pins look good in it. I always use these type of pins due to having a cat as well as a 6 year old because I can easily see them if I should drop any on the floor.
I then added one of my labels. I do not have many of these left and once they have gone I am going to design a new more eye catching label for my larger items and maybe keep this one in a darker blue for smaller items.

The base is ceramic which makes it stable and sturdy when sat on a table and I a good size.

This will be listed and I thought that I should start adding more items to my Folksy shop. Just need to find my password because I seem to have forgotten it!

I like making these and trying to come up with different versions. I have decided to keep my cupcake pincushion that I featured last week and make a different cupcake one for listing.

Tonight I think I shall do a little marking and then some patchwork. I have also started something more creative for my latest Creative Swap challenge and I painted the base fabric during lunch at work today. I have had to leave it at work to finish drying then I may let you have a little peek before I start the main work on it.

It has been yet another lovely day today, could we be lucky enough to have another good weekend or is it too soon to say?

Take care.



Anonymous said...

do you make your own labels, or do you order them from someone?

Primrose Corner said...

Lovely pincushion and can't help but admire the free machine embroidery. I'm still practising..

Dresden Plate said...

What a good idea to have a solid base, it wont get knocked off the table easily.

Emma said...

Lovely lovely pincushion - I'm rather addicted to blues, and when they're patchwork, they're irresistible. I'm at my mum's at the moment - it's been a stunningly sunny day. Hope it DOES continue until the weekend x

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