Monday, 23 March 2009

My Mum's gifts.

I now know that everything arrived in time for Mother's Day so I can let you see. I range up a florist just up the road from my Mum and ordered multi-coloured roses. My Mum lives 6 hours away but 2years ago there was a dreadful mix up and the flowers I ordered from my area were delivered to the wrong house and a dear old couple wandered around the village until they found my Mum. So the next time I visited I walked into the village and spoke to the florist and now I ring her directly knowing that they will get delivered properly.
Sophie and I also found this...

This made us smile when we saw it. A ginger biscuit with piped icing. I wrapped it in bubble wrap, wrote 'Please do not bend' on the envelope and hoped that my Mum would not need a straw to suck up the crumb's! It arrived with only one small crack in it. Not bad for the GPO.
I made her this card using a little embroidery machine which is no longer made (typical) a Brother e-touch..

Luckily everything arrived on time and I had a phone call just before we left for Wadebridge.

I have some craft items to show but it is getting busy at work with the exam season starting to loom. A new pincushion, my quilt and I have started a new mat/blanket for our cat Tiger as well. The knitting has taken a bit of a back seat again. Tut Tut!

Enjoy the evening.


Oh nearly forgot, if you shop at Sainsbury's and been getting some vouchers with serial numbers on them then go on the website shown and type in the numbers to enter a draw. I did and I won a £50.00 gift card!! Wish the Lottery numbers would come up too, does lightening ever strike twice do you think?


silverpebble said...

Fab biccy, and that card is very beautiful. The compact in the last post is divine! Emma x

picciolo said...

what lovely gifts, I'm glad they all arrived ok. I've only just seen your comment about moleskines, they do lots of notebooks that size but with various different spine widths so I'm sorry there is no easy answer as to how wide it will be, maybe she knows the style name she is going to get, that would give you more to go on.
: )

Kitty said...

Oh wow ... well done on your win! Brilliant.

I love that ginger biscuit, and the card is really special. I bet your mum loved it.


Primrose Corner said...

Love the embroidered card and the biscuit. I'm sure your Mum loved it. Quite amazing it travelled all that way with one small crack....

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