Monday, 23 February 2009

Am I going Mad??

Many thanks for your lovely comments about my necklace. Will work on the matching bracelet too.
Now I think I must be going mad or my maths is worse than I thought but I thought I saw 37 followers in my sidebar at the end of last week now there are 35! Now, I could have mis-read it, a couple of late nights, may not have had my glasses on at the time etc, but I have been left a bit baffled. So if you have removed yourself then please come back!! I am 40 this year (shush keep to quiet won't you?) so 40 followers is my secret wish. This seems to be happening quite a bit in this house at the moment. Does this mean that middle age has suddenly sneaked up on us and is now biting us on the bum! Or are we/I just a little absent minded. I believe that my life has too many things going on in it that I have to remember that I can not fully cope with it all, so some bits get left out or forgotten completely. I have not done that which some of my friends have done such as forget to pick their child up from school, oopps! Or forgotten anyone's birthday, or other major event etc. However I do find it harder to remember everything. Yet I am expected to, and not just for today either, but last week, last month and for, pete's sake, today I was asked about something last year!!! List might help, yes? Well only if I can remember to take it with me or remember where I left it.

I do like post-it notes and if they are brightly coloured and in funny shapes such as lips, even better. They do help, but it does not help me with the 'I thought I saw..'scenario.

The picture below made a laugh. My desk at work is not quite as bad as that, but it could be if I let it!

So if, and I mean if, I saw 37 which is now 35 please come back so that I do not feel that I am losing the plot. Am I the only only one who experiences this? What have you forgotten that you never used to, or thought you saw something.

How do you remember things? Tie a knot in a hankie, write a list, ask someone else to remind you, an item such as post-it notes etc?
I have also forgotten where I parked the car in a multi-storey car park as well. Plus being rung at work by my hubby telling me that I was supposed to be at a hair appointment, yet I was sitting at my desk thinking how much work I was getting done!. Luckily I have a very understanding hairdresser, felt a bit of a twerp though.
Anyway, I think that I will go and have a sit down and a nice cup of tea using this, to rest the brain cells or is it my eye sight that is the problem?

Thank you Maxine..

(Honestly, I could have sworn it said 37.....)
Bye for now...



April said...

I have the same problem, this morning I had 33 followers, now only 32 - hopefully it's a Blogger problem

April xx

Josie said...

me too! the other week someone stopped following and I was going to e-mail them and ask why and their blog is now invitation only and I'm not invited! :-(
lets hope it is a blogger problem
Josie x

Indigo Blue said...

I see a pattern developing here folks. Anyone else? If more of you comment on this then I will get in touch with blogger for you all.

wonderwoman said...

lists, lists and more lists!!! thats the only way i can do it - have also thought i'd lost my car and then remembered i had parked my husband's!!!


maria said...

You are now up to 36 followers - it's me as a new one, not one of the missing ones returning.

kleinzonnetje said...

You're back to 37! I just joined the list - but I wasn't one of those who left! Maybe you'll get to 40 after all!

kathy said...


Country Bliss said...

I've had two disappear today too!
Yvonne x

silverpebble said...

I can't see my 'followers' as I'm on Wordpress - probably saves me the worry about how many I have! What a relief!

I'll see what I can do about your list


MelMel said...

I'm still a follower....hello how are you today?xx

Indigo Blue said...

Hi MelMel,
I can not get into your blog at the moment to reply to you directly so I hope you see this. Everything is fine. I see that you are also a fan of ABBA. My local ASDA had some CD's of older ABBA albums. Been playing them ever since, even my daughter asks to have it put on the CD player!

JuliaB said...

I thought my followers said 38 the other day, and today it says 35, but I think i might be going mad too .. and I AM 40 so perhaps that's what it is!! Lovely button necklace, and lovely mug swap! x

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