Sunday, 30 November 2008

Website shutdown??

I have had an email today telling me that my website is up for renewal and it will cost me approx £90.00 f0r the next 12 months. The initial set up cheap and I have not listed maybe as many items as I had hoped. I seemed to have craft fairs and I could not see the point in listing before I attended these. Problems with actually loading anything on some days, work and the list goes on. I have only sold 5 items and I am wondering if it is actually worth re-newing it, particularly in this financial climate that we are all experiencing. perhaps putting it all into Esty would be better or even trying an Ebay shop instead. Has anyone else been in a similar position or got any suggestions? I have worked hard on this website but perhaps I should cut my losses.
I was going to list the following items to try and stock the shop more.....

I think I will put them in Etsy instead. I was meant to have been taking part in a Christmas Fair in November but the date/time/venue details did not come through and it seemed to vanish. Nor is the Fair that we usually have at work.

The felt flower is a design that I came up with during the Summer whilst visiting my sister-in-law and I have been expanding on this to hopefully have a range of characters. The crochet brooches found their way into order boxes and giveaways so more were needed which I enjoyed making. The centre picture is a direct link to my City and Guilds and comes ready framed. The frame is a lovely brushed silver and I can not get hold of them anymore which is a pity. The theme is water, one that I really like creating to...

It is actually sunny outside so I am off to take some pictures to show you tomorrow and to give two hydrangeas a good prune before it is too late.

My Christmas Decoration Swap from Nannybird arrived on Friday and I am delighted with it. More on that when I have sorted all of the pictures out. Nan must has been crafting for days!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, back tomorrow.

Any advice on the above would be greatly received and do not forget the giveaway on the previous post.

Take care all xx
PS: At long last I have just finished reading this...

Friday, 28 November 2008

200th Post!! Crikey giveaway time!!....

Well, 200 posts sort of sneaked up on me even though I was trying to keep an eye on it. I have taken some photos but light etc does not seem to be on my side....

I bought this great new magazine and decided to subscribe to it. So I signed up and instead of getting issue two I ended up with another issue one which is shown above. Typical but there you are. Issue two has since arrived but more on that another time. So this is part of the giveaway as I thought it might be of use to someone else. I am making the recycled pillowcase into a tote bag at the moment. So another part of the giveaway is this....

So, I am including a (new) pillowcase in bright pink for you try out this idea from the magazine. I bought a pair so I have the other one. I am also including a pincushion from my webshop. I shall also include some little surprise bits such as some nice buttons that could be used to decorate the bag. I do not know where you can find even vintage pillowcases as lovely as the blue one featured in the magazine. It is very eye catching, just my colour.

I want to post this before the Christmas rush so I am having quite a quick deadline of next Sunday 7th December at Midnight (UK time, my blog clock is not right and I am having problems trying to change it! ) so that I can post it next Monday 8th/Tuesday 9th.

Open to everyone by commenting on this post. You will get your name in the hat again if you tell someone else about this giveaway and they tell me that you sent them. So if you pass three people on plus your own comment that is four times your name in the hat. Does that make sense? I hope so, it is after all Friday night and it has been another long week. The brain is starting to go.

The Christmas Decoration swap is gradually coming to an end and there is a link in the side bar to see swapper entries on the Flickr Pool and for participants to ask for an invite and I will sort it out. A lovely entry from Summersadie!

Have a great weekend. Sophie has a ballet lesson then it is Christmas shopping for a few last bits then I have finished. Just the wrapping to do.

Take care xx

Monday, 24 November 2008


You can visit me here too. I am trying something new to try and promote my website and Etsy shop. Pop over and take a peek!
If you need and invite leave comment and I will sort it out. Many of you may find this of interest.
Added 26th November:
Next post will be my 200th! So I am having a giveaway which I need to photograph and I hope it will be of use to the winner. So I am holding off my next post until then.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Tagged and Awarded.....

Many thanks to April for tagging and awarding me at the same time. This is a bit of a mammoth one and I hope that I do not bore you to tears!

7 Things to do before I die..
*See Sophie grow up and be safe and happy.
*To see more of the world.
*To take up the flute again.
*To study for a City and Guilds in Machine embroidery.
*To grow old disgracefully with hubby by my side.
*To have grandchildren.
*To learn to dance (maybe).

7 Things I do now.
*Knit (sort of)
*Work (too b****y hard).
*Make my own patterns to recycle items.
*Make things for my little Sophie.

7 Things I can't do.
* Maths!
*Drive an automatic car.
*Crochet (I am trying to do something about this one).
*Speak in front of a large audience.
*Climb a ladder without getting scared of how high I am.
*Whistle properly.
*Use a traditional tin opener( I found this out recently when my usual tin opener decided to break!)

7 Things I find attractive in the opposite Sex.
*Easy to talk to.
*Is actually interested in you.
*Long brown eye lashes (hubby has those!)
*A sense of humour.
*To like you for who you are and not what they would like you to be.
*Polite and sincere.

7 Things I say most often.
*Yes love?
*Come on it's time to get up Sophie.
*Gosh I'm tired.
*Where are my car keys/ glasses/ handbag etc.
*I will be there in a minute...
*Can I have a squeezey cuddle?
*Can you all stop talking and listen please? (work related this one).

7 Celebrities/ famous that I admire.
*Daniel Craig (Does his own stunts)
*Tina Turner (Difficult life in the early years)
*Mother Teresa and the work she did.
*Kylie Minogue.
*I will have to come back to this section later....
I have changed the title to this slightly to widen the field.

7 Favourite Foods
*Most fruit *Chocolate
*Pasta *Roast vegetables
*Shepherds Pie *Cheesecake

7 people to carry this on...
I do not always have much success with this bit as I nominate people and only half ever take me up on it. So I am going to suggest that if you have your birthday in December (same as me) then please accept this award and tag. Please leave me a comment if you have a birthday in December and if it is the 23rd then I would love to hear from you!
Hope I have not bored you too much and I will be back tomorrow.
Many thanks for the lovely comments about my compact collection and I confess that I have two more on their way to me courtesy of Ebay. Naughty me! Will show them to you when they arrive.
Take care.xx
P.S I have added a comment about feelings towards tagging and awards that I have seen recently.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Christmas Decoration Swap deadline reminder...

Hello Swappers!!
Do not want to panic all you busy people but the deadline(ish) is looming and emails are coming in from participants who have let me know that swaps have been sent and I would like to say thanks for letting me now. I have had an email from a swapper who can not get in touch with their partner and has not heard from them either. I have emailed both parties and if this has fallen through then I will be their partner. So if you have not been in touch with your partner then please do so even if it is just to say 'Hi'. The deadline is a suggestion so that swaps are not delayed when the Christmas post gets into full swing and so that all decorations can be on trees etc during the festivities. I am in the process of wrapping my box and will send it Monday. My swap partner and I email each other anyway and have been in regular contact. Any worries then let me know and I will sort it out.
Thanks again for everyone who has signed up for this swap. I have made some new blog friends as a result and have become involved in making items to help them. That is another post though but Gina F will now what I mean!

Just a quick post but I am reaching my 200th post and seeing as I missed my 1000th visitor milestone I shall make sure that I do not miss this one.
I can feel a give away coming on....
Take care all.
PS Look at the last post and comment on what you collect.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Compact Collection...

I had to pack away my compact collection during the attic conversion so that they were not affected by all of the dust etc. Tonight I eventually put them back in the cabinet, I just wished that I had taken a picture so that I new the best place to put them but never mind. This picture is not terribly good due to the poor light in the living room. I started collecting them about 10-12 years ago when I happened to stumble on an antique fair in Plymouth. It sort of took off and I have been collecting ever since. Here is a selection. The willow pattern one in he middle is one of my favourites and I bought that last Christmas. I had to dash between my house and my in-laws with just enough time to put the winning bid on it. It is immaculate and stands out with its simple blue and white colour.
The two little ones at the front of this picture are very recent Estee Lauder compacts which tend to come out at Christmas time and are defiantly collectibles of the future. So this is a standard item on my Christmas and Birthday list every year. (My birthday is 23rd December you see.) The gold one is called The Quilt is very apt.

The willow pattern was the last compact that I found until I visited The Riverside Antique Shop in Ely, which is a converted barn and has items on three floors! There is found the compact on your left as you look at the screen, it shows the QE2 and was made by Stratton. So it has been a while...until tonight. Putting them all back in the cabinet seemed to revive the question shall I collect any more? There are 70 all in all. Well I succumbed and number 71 will be on its way to me next week..The picture was taken by fbootbabe at Ebay and there are at least two more that I may be tempted to add to my collection, but I will have to think about it.

This is the back of the compact, It has an attached lipstick holder as well and I do not have many of these type of compact. With 70 I am now looking for anything which is eye-catching, and hopefully before 1965.

Sophie helped me to unpack them and was very impressed to be allowed to help and told me which ones she liked the most. I am delighted with this interest as I hope to pass them all onto her one day. I jokingly said you must never sell these and she said very seriously 'I am not going to, they are too lovely!' Ah bless. It is a collection showing an area of women's social history and the compacts do follow design and materials of the time and era.

So, do you collect anything? Leave a comment to say what you collect as I would be interesting to see what other people like to collect.

On the crafting front I have completed a tutorial which I hope to post in the next few days. Started a sample for a recycling project from one of my new books and yes, I am still knitting for charity. I got some sponsors this week too.

Well enjoy the rest of the evening and I will be back over the weekend.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Do you Twitter?

I never heard of Twitter before Monday and as you know I like to try and learn new things and widen the use of my laptop. Also to try and gain some interest in my Etsy shop etc. (Which is difficult at the moment with the current economical climate) So I have joined Twitter and you can find me here:
I had to change the name a bit because apparently Indigo Blue has already been taken!! Tried Indigo Blue Designs too and that had already gone. Hope this is not going to be a problem, anyway. I still do not have a clue what to do next but within an hour I had already had a reply and gained a follower!

I am going to have to play about with it but has anyone else used or visited this site?
You can also visit here too!

Sewing etc has been on the back burner this week but there things in the pipeline and I am adding to my two shops. The website is up for renewal soon and I need to decide whether to keep it or ditch it. I do not like to walk away from something. It sounds like I may talk myself into an answer.
I am still stalling on starting my cardigan because just when I think that I have got my head around the pattern it seems or looks to be going wrong. Just a confidence thing I'm sure.

I have managed to start another tutorial tonight, I have about three on the go and I am not sure how I managed that! I just need to put the pictures in order and I am good to go.
Well, time for some beauty sleep.
P.S I do like the twitter logo, the colours go really well with my blog, typical girly comment I suppose, but it does doesn't it?

Monday, 17 November 2008

Giveaway Win, tagged: Primrose Corner Blog

Have you ever had several things all happen at the same time that link together? Well first of all I was tagged by Julia at Primrose Corner . Then a few days later I took part in a giveaway that Julia was organising and a few days after that I discovered that I HAD WON!!!! Yippeee, I do not win things very often but these fabrics are scrummy. Julia is also taking part in my Christmas Decoration Swap and we visit each other's blog's daily. So I decided to borrow ( pinch) her logo, link to her blog and ask you all to pop over and have a look at her shop and blog. Her photos are very clear, her posts are interesting and useful. Julia has also been very helpful with my questions regarding USA items to make some of Amy Butlers bags. So I shall be buying some of my bits from Gone to Earth in future. Anyway, first things first.. the tag details...

Rules (Guidelines!)
*Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
*Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
*Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
*Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Good grief! 7 facts about myself, ok I can do that, whether they would be of any interest is another matter so I will try not to put you to sleep....

1). I am left handed but I knit (sort of), crochet, use scissors etc right handed. (Would that be a weird fact?)

2). My husband and I are both Capricorn and our birthdays are only 7 days apart.(Potentially disastrous?)

3). I do not like anything without legs, such as snakes, slow worms, slugs, eels etc!

4). My Dad is Scottish and we have a family tartan. (MacNicol clan, but it is difficult to find an example of the original colours etc)

5).I used to play the flute and clarinet and I would love to take up the flute again sometime.

6).I would love to be self-employed then any crap created would be mine and not as a result of someone else's poor organisation, management etc. (This is by no means a reflection of my day, honest)

7).I was once asked for ID in a Pub.......I was 23 at the time!
oh I have thought of another...

7a) I collect powder compacts, I have nearly 100.

There you go, are you snoring yet? I shall, of course, think of better things tomorrow but there you go.

Then I was lucky enough to win this from Primrose Corner...

It was beautifully wrapped and I have kept the ribbon, it is blue after all.

Just look at those lovely fabrics (drooling as I write). Now those of you who have followed me since I started just over a year ago will now that I like to just stare and unfold and re-fold fabric as lovely as this until an idea for it pops in my head. But are there any suggestions out there as to what I could make out this generous giveaway?

Julia really has put together a lovely combination. I love them all, yet they are all different too. Many thanks Julia, it is much appreciated. XX


I have also been given two more awards but I shall do those later in the week.

If you are a follower you are offered an award which is in the post dated 7th November, do please take it as I like to spread them around rather than pick the same people as everyone else. Also I thought that it would be a nice way to say thank you. Some bloggers have put it on their blog, I suppose it is up to you in the end.

My Pom Pom tutorial did not get much response, maybe it was too simple/ not very new, it is just that I was so pleased with my pompom maker you see. I do have another in the pipeline which I will post probably at the weekend.

I have finished my Christmas Decoration Swap, I need to wrap everything up and cram it all in a box (collected more than I realised) then send it off. I really enjoyed making these and this kick started me into starting some Christmas Cards.

I had better go and make a cup of tea and see what Harry Potter is going to do next in the book that I am reading.

Take care all xx.

Friday, 14 November 2008

It's Friday and it's Children in Need!!!

I have finally got Sophie of to bed at 9.40pm, she was getting grumpy and tired and ballet is tomorrow. She was really enjoying all of the singing and dancing. She is now old enough to ask about the content of the sections that explain where the money goes and how it helps children. You could see her taking it all in, especially where the youngster themselves are talking about their experiences. You tuck your own children up a little tighter at bedtime on this day don't you. She has just turned 6 years old and is understanding what the charity is all about. So the Pudsey bear that I bought from ASDA is going to sit carefully in her room after today.

Of course it is also Friday and a much needed weekend break is needed! However, the chances of that are a bit slim. Christmas is looming, work to mark, washing is nearly done, weekly shop, ironing etc. Hopefully I will fit in some sewing. A couple of weeks ago I was tagged by Primrose Corner and I also have two awards which I am going to split so as to spread them around more.

Christmas Decoration Swap alert!!!

The deadline is creeping up and I have only heard from a few people via comments etc that all is ok. Any concerns or worries then do email me. When your partner has received their parcel please put them on the group flickr pool for all to enjoy and I would like to show them here too.

Well best get on, the washing machine has just stopped and the cat wants feeding.

Bye for now.

P.S Sorry this has shown up a little late, it would help if I actually pressed the 'publish' button wouldn't it? Doh!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Pom Pom Maker Tutorial..

Making Pom Pom's may not be your dream skill but they can look good on many items and they are fun to make. Many of us will remember cut out two cardboard circles and wrapping wool around for what seemed like forever! I found this Pom Pom maker and what I really liked about it was that it is quick, you can get very evenly made pompom but also large balls of wool can be used rather than having to wind some wool off first. There are several makes out there, but if you have put off buying one then maybe this post will help. This is what I used to make the tiny pompoms on my little charity bottle hats. I used the white template shown in the photo.
This kit can make four different sized pompoms and the best way to find out what size is to simply make up one of each as samples. This kit is made by Prym.

For this tutorial I am going to make the largest pompom. The templates are made of tough plastic and colour coded for matching them up.

The four sections are shaped as in the photos, the reason for this is that once the wool has been wrapped round each 'half moon' the two halves will then slot into each other to complete the circle.

Try to wrap the wool evenly long the pompom maker. I tend to work from left to right and back again repeated like an old fashioned typewriter to get an even thickness. I also fill the gap as it gives a very full and substantial finish. I am using double knit wool here and it is a 200g ball.

Fully wrapped with wool.

Hopefully from this photo you can see how the top two 'half moons' are now slotted to the bottom two. It is quite secure and can be put down on the table without any problem.

I usually cut a length of wool for tieing the pompom together of about 50cm then fold in half before I knot it. This is because if I am going to sew the pompom on a scarf, for instance, the wool to sew with is already attached and much more securely if added after the making.

Then using a pair of strong sharp scissors gradually cut through the wool in the groove between the yellow plastic 'half moons'. I slot the wool into the groove as I am going along to stop any bits of wool thinking that they can ping out at this crucial stage.

Here I have finished cutting the wool and the tieing wool is slotted inbetween the yellow plastic.

Take the two ends of the tieing wool together and carefully tie them as tightly as possible. I normally flip it over and tie on the opposite side of the pompom too and repeat this several times to tie it evenly and tightly.

Next, carefully slide the plastic sections apart making sure that they do not be caught up on the pompom.

Voila!! A lovely, fluffy and even pompom. You can get an idea of the size of this pompom form these pictures.....

There you have it! I enjoy making these and I have used them for a wide range of things, from knitted items for Sophie's toys, to scarves, a fun way to decorate a present, woollen garments, hats etc. There are other variations on these pompom makers but if you like what you see this would make a good stocking filler and be a good way of using up scraps of wool.

Hope this has been of interest and I do have several other tutorials in the pipeline, it is getting the pictures right that is the key to them being any good isn't it?

Take care all


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Forest Quiltie Swap / Creative swap challenge entry

I think that this is my 3rd swap with Creative Swap Challenges and I have enjoyed every single one of them. I like to stitch for a particular goal sometimes so swaps suit me very well. I signed up for this swap a while ago, yet it still sneaked up on me! Whilst I was visiting my parents I did find a few little bits to add to the surface, but my main aim is to try and use what I already have. It does add to the challenge. So the above picture shows the pile before making.

I first cut up some pre-patterned green fabric into 6 x 6inch squares. I decided to add some stitch and tear and a layer of thick interfacing to add fullness and quilting when I added the free machine stitching.

I collected a few leaves and dried them off. I looked for leaves which had quite prominent veins, then using a paintbrush I evenly covered the back of the leaves and used them to print onto the fabric. I used bronzes and golds to show up on the fabric and to add colour interest. I then used machine embroidery, metal leaves which I attached with a few stitches. I carefully hand stitched on some small paper flowers, which added some additional colour to each square.

I made 5 so that Lenna, who organises the swaps, has one too. Once they were finished the stitching on the back is covered with a piece of cream Cotton fabric. I then carefully wrote some info on the back. Then using my 'j' foot I stitched the backing on and sealed the edges with a built-in stitch which gives an overlocked type of stitch.

The darker strips were stitched down using green silk thread and free machine embroidery, which I love doing. Very therapeutic!.

The metal leaves seem to have come out looking rather silver in these pictures, but they are in fact a copper/brass colour and are normally used for card making.

I then carefully wrapped them and they are now off on their travels to America. I will get 4 quilties in return and I will post them once they arrive. Pop over the creative challenge and have a look at all of the work there. I challenge it not to make to drool and stare in wonder!

I am off to my sewing group after tea and I and continuing with my Christmas Decoration Swap for ......

the swap that I am organising.

Take care and have a warm and cosy evening.


Monday, 10 November 2008

Happy Birthday to you....Sophie...

Sophie simply could not get to sleep the night before her birthday and she knew that Dad and I were decorating the living room, wrapping presents and tidying up a little which may not have helped. Eventually she did fall asleep and I found it hard to believe that the next day my baby would be 6 years old!
Sophie did very well and did not come into our room until 7.50am, she actually asked if she could open a present which I thought was cute. i said which one and she said, 'The really big one from Grandma and Grandad. She was told yes and shot up to the attic conversion then we smiled as little footstep were heard coming down again and kept going down again to the living room as we had moved them down there the night before! How on earth she managed to struggle upstairs with it I shall never know, but where there is a Will there is a way...
The look on her face when she took the paper off was lovely, if only it could be bottled and kept......
This is what was in the BIG box and Sophie was thrilled! Her name is Rosy and she is 63cm high. She has hair that can be brushed and plaited etc and Sophie's first remark was 'we can make some clothes for her Mummy!' I was very pleased with this because that was one of the reasons why she was looked for.

She takes clothes for a baby of 9-12 months so I shall see what baby clothes of Sophie's that I may still have.

As you can see at the top of the post my new Cupcake stand worked well and I was pleased with how it turned out. I used an icing bag and a small fluted nozzle. I then found some ready make butter icing which I do not think is as sweet and therefore not sickly. Sophie and I had lots of fun decorating them in before her friends arrived and she was pleased at having such a different 'cake'.
There were more people coming after the party so I made up a second batch....

The party games started with Pinning the tail on the donkey and a prize was given. By this time the final guest had arrived. Dad was put in charge of music and pass the parcel started. Each girl got a tiny white T-shirt. But who could wear something so small? The girls then coloured in a pre-printed design on the t-shirt with fabric pens and I ironed them to fix it.

Next, using my laundry basket and Sophie's plastic balls we had a lucky dip to find little purple fabric stars.
Each girl then had to come and collect a bag with the following in ...

In each bag was a vacuum pack of stuffing and a teddy body which the girls had to stuff, the back was zipped up then the star was given a wish and this went in the back so that the Velcro strip could seal it in. We had stuffing EVERYWHERE! and some help was needed but the girls really enjoyed their new furry friends.

Then it was clear who was going to wear the t-shirt!.....

Once all of the bears were fully finished everyone sat on a fleece rug in the centre of the living room to have a teddybears picnic birthday lunch. This was then followed by request for musical statues, some of these little girls are very good at this game, more prizes for the winners and then it was home time. One of the girls who did not want Mum to go was saying that she is not want to go home because it was 'the best party ever!' and Sophie was very tired but said it was her best day and 10/10.

Well you can not get better than that.

It was a fully packed 2 hours that flew by but everyone had a great time!

The bears came from I did not want to waste money on party bag rubbish and I have always done things that they can keep, wear, make or use. They were reasonably priced, lots of things to choose from and arrived very quickly.

All over for another year, 12 months to try and come up with another idea just as good but different. However, first of all I am going to think about the next birthday which happens to be mine.

Take care


Saturday, 8 November 2008

Little knitted hats....Charity Knit.

You may remember that I wrote about this during half-term for Innocent smoothies....

Well it has finished for this year and I emailed them to see if they are going to plan anything similar for next year. They very kindly emailed back to say that they most likely will be bringing back the little knitted hats, and will be able to confirm either way after Christmas. I had some left over wool and there was not enough to really use for my sponsored knit, so I decided to have a go at a few. The patterns are really easy quick and fun to make. I have a pompom maker and left just enough wool to make up the smallest pompom. I added a small button to jazz it up a little. I really hope that they do have this knit next year and they advised me to hang onto these little fellas just in case and send them next time.

What do you think to them?

I had some feather yarn left over and thought that I would see how they turned out. They were much bigger and would make great egg cosies. The yarn came out quite well using the pompom maker too although it is fiddley to make due to the yarn slipping a lot when cut into the pompom. These were fun to make and I do not know how I missed this but I have given them my email address and they said that they would let me know in January 2009 whether these little fellas will be needed again. Did anyone else take part in this and send them off?

Have a go any way with the patterns (there are three featured) as they would make great stocking fillers a egg cosies!

Bye for now, I am off to start my Cupcake making.

If you are a folllower, have you taken the award that I have passed on to you in the last post?

Take care and have a brilliant weekend.

P.S Feeling better today.

Added later on the 8th:

A litte time to myself as Sophie and her Dad went to a friends 6th partyI was able to make 30 perfectly flat, risen and unburnt cupcakes!!!(Loud applause!) You now what it is like, you HAVE to get them right and time is limited and the pressure is on and at times like this sod's law will prevail and ruin it all. Not this time, I am delighted and relieved. Will decorate them tomorrow morning.


Added on 9th November:

I have been asked by a friend over the pond what an egg cosy is. So here it is, an egg cosy is a bit like a teapot cosie whereby once you have boiled your egg and it is sitting in the egg cup you can put a little cosy on it to help keep the egg piping hot! Removing it when you are ready to take the top off your egg to eat it.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Hi to my 20 followers have this award......

This lovely award was very kindly given to me by Kitty Wrinkle.

I would like to pass this award onto all of the bloggers who have recently added me to their follower list. Some are new to Indigo Blue and I would like to show my appreciation that they found me. I would appreiciate a link back to here if that is not being too cheeky, thank you. There are also my lovely regulars who have been with me since the very beginning. Due to there being 20 people I am not going to do their links here but they are listed in the sidebar so pop over and say Hi to them.

My Day off, I hope, has done the trick, my husband went to Exeter to visit a client today so it has been just me and the cat. I have really enjoyed reading the comments that have been coming in today, so thank you all very much indeed!

I have made some bread, done some washing, cleaned the living room, written a list of last minute things for Sophie's birthday party and tried to photograph my Quiltie entry. They seem rather over exposed to me but I shall upload them and see what happens tomorrow.

Tomorrow after I have taken Sophie to her ballet lesson I have about 46 of these to make and decorate, with some help from a certain excited little girl as they are going to form her birthday cake and she has insisted that she wants to be a part of this rather than have it as a surprise.

We both had so much fun making these a few weeks ago that a Cupcake Birthday Cake was 'cooked' up. (Sorry, could not resist). Should be fun and messy!

Enjoy the rest of the evening XX

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