Sunday, 31 August 2008


Yes! Today was the day that we could officially let Tiger out of the house. We were told by Cats Protection to keep him in the house so that he understands that this is now his home. Now the other day he escaped again so under close supervision we let him sniff and wander around the garden. For an old boy he certainly scampered up the fences quick enough!!

So after Hubby had been to Asda to shop for our little end of holiday party we decided to let him out. Sophie was a little worried and to be honest so was I, we have become rather attached to this grumpy old tabby. He wandered up to where the trees had been taken out and suddenly a big black Labrador stuck his nose thought the fence. Tiger certainly shifted quick. This dog is visiting I think but we should be getting our fence up asap. He then disappeared over next doors fence and out of sight. After a few minutes Sophie and I could not resist looking over said fence because I was wandering if he could get back. Then I thought what am I doing? So I went indoors to clean the bathroom.

Then he came back and packed up on the bench outside and fell asleep! That was it, what was I so worried about?

He has discovered the window sill in our bedroom and I sneaked up on him with my camera.

He just about fitted on the windowsill and stretched out to nearly half the length of it.

I was, of course, spotted with my camera. Not long after this he moved because the had become too hot. I have to say that this is the second time of being on this sill because the first time he fell off and slid down the back of the head board and got stuck! We had to pull the bed out and I am ashamed to say end up with fluff and cobwebs on his head! This did not put him off.

Our party went well, so now I have to get down to some work for the day job plus my laptop tutorial but after I have been to the cinema to see this with my friend tomorrow...

Take care.


Saturday, 30 August 2008

Poll Results and Pincushions..

Many thanks for taking part in the poll. it looks like it is the laptop cover that won. I will do the others in the order that the votes came it over the coming months. I was pleased with my laptop cover and hope you fell the same when you see it. It could easily be adapted to other products and does not take up much material and could be added to/ adapted to suit your own needs. I have been at my in-laws for most of the afternoon and then I put eye drops in my neighbours eyes then got Sophie to bed so I will have some work to do for that and I am trying to gear myself up to do it. I have so enjoyed being at home and Hubby has been here too because he now works from home. It has been a very relaxing time. Even the weather has picked up again and today has been really hot. So no sewing today but some finished items to show you which Sophie really likes..

Whilst on holiday I went into a marvelous cook shop in Lewes and found these mini fluted dishes. They reminded me of bun cases and I thought that I could take my cupcake pincushions a little further.

Once one had been made a few more followed. I have run out of the fluted dishes for now but I want to make some more. They were fun to make and look yummy in a group like this.

I enjoy making these pincushions as well and they do not take up very much fabric. I am going to make some more for stocking fillers for my sewing friends this year.

All of these pincushions have gone either into Etsy or my Webshop. I have started another item using the cupcake theme and some little brown ceramic pots will suddenly have a new lease of life too over the coming weeks.

Well, I have a busy day tomorrow with 6 guests coming to visit so enjoy the day and I will be back with the tutorial plus it is my 1st Blog anniversary on 8th September so a way to celebrate this will also be announced soon. I just need to think what exactly

Take care all!

Friday, 29 August 2008

Fabric Baskets and Christmas Thoughts...

I found this tutorial on Purple and Paisley . I thought that I would like to give it a go. I had bought some Cath Kidston fabric on ebay over a year ago. They were already cut into squares, so I adapted the pattern so that I could use the fabric as it was. I found more fabric in my stash to compliment it.

I lengthened the handles and found some cotton for the lining with little pink flowers.

Side on view which shows the colour of the fabric a little better.

I decided to make a tab fastening for the basket that would keep large items in but not shrink the overall size too much. The tab was decorated with small Yo Yo's with some of the fabric used for the basket.

The last Yo Yo hides a button and button hole fastening.

Once having made this basket I decided to have another go, but this time follow the pattern exactly. Now I do not want anyone to panic or go "Oh Nooooooo! It is too early!", but I used Christmas fabric.

This turned out quite small and was in fact quite cute. It would be perfect for wrapped chocolates, nuts or maybe a gift bag.

I can see these becoming quite addictive and I want to add to the design.

Posting rather late today due to a busy day. Went out for a meal which was very last minute and it was fun to be spontaneous for a change.

Added to Etsy and web shop (still got an on-going battle with the web!) Whilst struggling with it a lady bought an item from my website and it was a pleasure to wrap it up as i love using the blue tissue paper, ribbon, labels etc.

As I type this Tiger is sat on the sofa next to me and it is really nice to have him spending more time with us.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Award...Thank you!

I really need my wrist slapped for how long it has taken me to post this. I started to write it up then the trees etc took over so I deleted it and started again now.

IT was given to be by the lovely Louise at

The Home is where the Heart is...

Many thanks Louise as it is always fun and nice to receive these little pictures to put on your blog and the thought that some else likes what you do.

The rules are..

1. To cut and paste the award on to your blog.

2. To say who gave you the award and put a link to their blog.

3.Let the award giver now that you have posted the award.

4. Nominate 6/7 other blogs. Put links to their blogs.

5. Leave a comment to let them now that they have been nominated.
Now some of the above is a bit tricky as so many people have already got this award and last time I nominated 6 blogs and only three actually got back to me.

So I thought that this time because there are many who visit here if you would like this award on your blog them please accept it with my blessing just leave a short comment to say that you would like it. I thought it would be a chance to meet some new blogs that I have not yet found. How does that sound. If you are a regular visitor that I know and you have not received this one pleeeeease accept it. I am going for blow out and want to give it to loads of blogs. You can then pass it on again.

After Garden fever had calmed down on Monday I thought that we deserved a scrummy dessert for dinner..

So I made this up as I went along..

A cornet with a bit of double choc ice cream then filled with chopped strawberries and blueberries. Then a large spoonful of blueberries, strawberries and a few blackberries from the garden. Then a dollop of Cornish clotted cream.


We have ordered the new fence panels yesterday, so guess what I am doing at the weekend?

The poll is coming along well. Have you voted at the top of the blog?

Crafting pics tomorrow, baskets and pincushion(s).

Enjoy the day.

(No rain yet today)

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Hubby was up bright and early yesterday for day two of Garden Fever. The phone rang, Sophie needed breakfast etc, so by the time I got outside much of it was done. I managed to take some photos f0r you to see what happened. It is probably the sunniest Bank Holiday in ages and ages and to day? Yep,it is raining again. A Friend came round with a special ratchet winch which helps to pull out the stumps by using one of the stumps to pull against.
So after a fortifying up of tea he set to work...

We were quite surprised at how well they came out. It was certainly a one person job so I sat on the patio and did some work, making cups of tea when needed.
Sophie thought it was great and was happy to 'help' which meant getting rather dirty, the bath water was very brown that evening.

This is the right hand side as you look at it from the house. The composter in the corner will have to be moved when we put the new fence up. You can see the amount of earth that had to be disturbed so half the grass has gone, but never mind.

This is looking at the left hand side with Sophie's play house. This end is a bit of a sun trap so we are thinking of putting her house at on the other side and then re-turfing around it. That is a little way off at the moment.

Hubby worked very hard yesterday and as we speak he is now loading the bits on our friend's trailer to take to the tip. I think that there are going to be several trips! I have popped into work quickly to get some paper work then we are off to look/ order fence panels.

Poor Tigger has looked pitifully out of the french windows at us because we are not allowed to let him out just yet. Sophie did forget to shut them and he was out like a rocket for an old boy and we just got him in time. He was not impressed. He is settling in well and spends more time with us during the day and has taken to sleeping on a wooden chest at the bottom of our bed or on the bottom corner of one bed by hubby's feet. I have also worked out his favourite food so he is eating better and is generally getting used to us.

I have made a little something last evening for fun...

I found this while I was on holiday and he is meant to be an egg cup. He made me smile and I thought he would look good as a pincushion. He is now in my web shop. He needs a happy new home.

I have also started a cupcake pincushion because I enjoyed making one for the swap. More on that another time.

Many thanks to those of you who have voted on the Poll at the top of the blog. Also I would like to thanks the new visitors I have had who have commented and I have visited back and added to my blog list. The stats on Craftyblogs are interesting as it tells me that people from the following countries have visited, South Africa, Pakistan, Canada, The Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Greece,Italy, France, Spain. It has been brilliant but who are you. Do not be shy say hello. There is a translator button if it helps.

Hubby has gone off to the tip so I had better get ready to look at fences and posts, I get taken to all the great places you now. He was chuffed that his hard work got him 6 comments too.

Take care


Sunday, 24 August 2008

A sunny day and a hubby with gardening fever...

We have finally had several nice days on the run and the crafting has stopped so that the garden can get some TLC.

We have replaced the patio table which broke when we tried to move it, it had more than paid for itself. The past two days we have been cutting back bushes etc which are over hanging from neighbours houses because certain parts of our garden gets no sunlight and is therefore rather soggy.

Here is a picture of a work in progress and not a needle in sight. The green fabric barrels have just been emptied for the third time and I am taking a break from potting some plants. Just look at that strange light, yes SUN! Not seen enough of this have we? I thought that we were just going to give the garden a much needed tidy up.

OOOh NOOO! My hubby has had a bee in his bonnet for some time about the fir trees at the bottom of our, quite short, garden. Her purchased an axe and set to work..

To give you an idea of how big these trees are my hubby is 6 foot 2 inches tall! There are five of these trees but their days are numbered..

In the gap that you can see is the fence and we are going to put a new higher one in, so that everyone gets there privacy as there is another house and garden at the end of ours. Just look at the pile of branches and that is only half a tree. Gosh I think a skip is going to have to be needed!!
Hubby kept going and at the end of play (due to poor light and dinner) hubby had cut down two and a bit trees.

It has already brought in more light and we have gained another 3/4 feet of usable garden.

Sophie was an angel by helping to drag the smaller pieces round to the front of the house and was really proud to help. I will bring an update tomorrow on how things are progressing.

I have also been given an award from Louise at 'The home is where the heart is'. I will post about this once I have worked out 6/7 blogs that have not already got it. Out of the 6 nominated with my last award only two people have actually taken me up on it.

Olympics is over so early to bed tonight!

P.S Click to vote for a tutorial at the top of the blog please.


Saturday, 23 August 2008

Poll and Beads..

Bit late posting today, staying up late to watch the Olympics is starting to catch up with me but it has been good.

Now poll in the margin. I have several projects that you may like as tutorials and I have not done one of these since Easter. These are project ideas, I was going to to do techniques such as how to use Bondaweb and why it is useful etc but was not sure if that was particularly interesting. Don't want you all falling asleep on me. Have a look and vote or leave a comment here and say what you would find useful to now or now more about and I will see what I can come up with. My profile says what I have done in the past and I teach youngsters Textiles etc so I enjoy this type of thing.

Secondly I found another of my mini beaded purses, (packed sewing room away to re-decorate and it has been like Christmas re-discovering things again!) that I thought you might like to look at..

This was made in the same way as my previous purse featured and I made this ages ago from a kit. that started me off on the rest.

What I enjoy the most about making these is the embellishment part. Get a colour scheme together and then thread a needle and see what happens. No two will ever be the same. This one is decorated on both sides and again could be hung up as a decoration rather than being used.

So here I have used gimp, which is the blue thin cord which if twisted can put itself into some unusual shapes. I have then used beads, sequins and threads to try and make it look as 'jewelled' as possible. I had great fun with this one.

I think I feel that another one should be made, better add that to my to do list.

Best get out into the garden where hubby is battling on his own with the foliage!

I would love to do another tutorial so please vote.

Take care xx

Friday, 22 August 2008

Do you want a laugh??

They looked fine when they went in the oven, just right. Even lucky enough to have one of these..

..a lovely double yoker from the Grandparents newly acquired chickens.

Everything went as planned with Sophie helping so why did this happen?.

Not one mini cupcake could stand upright and they all looked like they had been desparately trying to escape! My husband said that they looked drunk but that they tasted very nice. (18 years of training to say the right thing at times like this.) Sophie laughed and called them Wonky Buns.
Well thank goodness for breadmakers..

No cooking for me today as the sun is out so some gardening and sewing and working out my new poll which will link to a tutorial. I am making a pudding later today, so wish me luck!

Enjoy the day.

PS What do you think of the new picture of Tiger in the margin?

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Camper Van Swap

Have you signed up for Jelly Belly - Jelly brain's Camper van swap? Pop over and take a look. I have already started to put my swap together. I am determind not to have to rush this one.

Headache is with me still, great. More paracetamol and tea I think.
Back tomorrow with photos to show and a new poll for you to take part in.
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Beaded Purse Feature...

I was surprised and chuffed to see that my beaded purse has been featured on U-handbag Sunday Eye Candy. Lisa has a general bag flickr group where you can post pictures of any bags or purses that you have made.

Mine is on the top row centre.

There are many to look at on the Flickr Group giving loads of inspiration and jaw dropping skills to savour.
Do click on the link and take a look.A quick post today as I am nursing a lovely headache but I have managed to complete a couple of things but another time to show you.

Bye for now.


Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Quilties Shades of Spring - Brown and Blue Swap..

I took part in the Quilties Shades of Spring Swap a month or so ago and it is organised by Lenna in America. I entered a previous swap challenge last February time to create a bag which I posted at around that time.

For this challenge I needed to produce four 6" x 6" squares using shades of Brown and Blue on the theme of spring, so new life, new beginnings, birds etc. I got off to a very slow start as planning and making smack in the middle of exam marking time but I did make the deadline. My entry can be seen here and everyone who entered can be seen here.

I want to put them here too because in the end they turned out ok..

I started as usual by playing with a few ideas and whilst looking for paint for the attic I found some lovely wallpaper which us made some use of within the squares. I also wanted some text so so I played around with some lettering on the machine. These are my squares which were then divided up and given to four people...

I then, in return was sent 4 samples from four other participants.

Kates Quilting - UK

Wil Opio Oguta - The Netherlands

Susanne . M . Wiebe - Canada

Jennifer R-D

San Bernardino, CA

I was very certain that I did not want to touch these lovely quilties too much and at the same time was not about to put them in a drawer for 'safe keeping'. So I decided to do this...

It is propped up on the stairs to the attic and has gone on the wall on your right. There is a velux window so, on most days, there will be good light to show off the work but will not damage it either. There is no glass as the work does have raised areas on it. I hope they are the right way up I based it on the writing on the back. The piece of paper with further details has vanished but I will add more personal details to each sample when I get my hands on it. I am very pleased with it and the lady in the framers was so impressed with it and when I told her that they were created by stitcher's from all over the world her face said it all. She was so impressed that a group of people who have never met had a common interest and sent such lovely work to each other. Framing this work has given me the push I needed to frame some of my more creatively embellished work. I now have extra wall space up to the attic don't I?

Many thanks for the lovely comments about Tigger we have both enjoyed reading them. Keep them coming, especially any stories about re-homing . Add your blog link and we can all visit you!.

A quick update, he played with a length of ribbon with Sophie today and she was thrilled. Sat with hubby and I on the sofa again tonight and came down stairs of his own accord and stayed on the sofa whilst I typed this post. We feel that it is his lack of contact with small children that is the last hurdle but considering it has only been two days we are surprised and relieved at how he seems to be settling down. He is very affectionate just unsure of his surrounding still. Slept most of the day poor old boy so no photos. I am going to be lucky to get any but I do have my camera at the ready.

Lastly I would like to thank Lenna at Creative Challenges for all the hard work that she puts into organising these swaps. Her link is in my margin, because I have forgotten it. Doh.

Bedtime I think.

Tiger Tiger....

We have been thinking about a certain topic for a couple of years now but wanted Sophie to be a little older and then the attic conversion got in the way.
All three of us had an idea of what we were looking for and decided after spending 2 weeks in Seaford and watching Sophie that now was the time before she went back to school and term started for me. Confused?
Let me introduce .....

TIGER which sometimes comes out TIGGER!
Sophie said that she would like a cat called Tigger, Hubby said that he would like a cat and I said that a tabby was my ideal choice. So you can imagine our excitment when we found this fella on the Cats Protection website.
My family have often given homes to cats and dogs and we wanted to give an older cat the same.

Tiger is 12 and lived with a 99 year old lady who sadly died, so he had been with the Cats protection for a couple of months. Kittens are more popular but we did not feel that that was right for us.

This chap is huge! His website picture made him look like and average sized cat but when we went to visit him I was surprised at his size. he is not over-weight, his feet are big. We tried to take a picture of his paw in the centre of my hand but his claws need looking at first, a bit long. For his age he is in very good condition, lovely coat, only one tooth removed, wet nose etc and house trained.

We brought him home and he just wandered around for about an hour, looked upstairs in all the rooms, found where his bed is etc. Then went up on one of the stairs to the attic and that was it. After Sophie went to bed we brought him down stairs, he wandered around then suddenly jumped on my lap and was there for the rest of the evening! Great, good progress

The first night we decided to put him in the kitchen with food, litter tray, bed etc. Ate food, used tray and there was not any howling or anything. Hubby had to go to Exeter and Tiger stayed on the curve of the stairs going up to the attic and would not move all day!

When hubby got home he stayed there but after dinner we decided to bring him down stairs to socialise a bit. Again he jumped up on my lap then on the arm of the chair to survey his new territory. Sophie would like him to do this although I think he would squash her but it is going to take time. I think that he is used to women but maybe not children or men. After a disappointed Sophie went to bed we brought him down again as he had shot upstairs when someone came to the door, this time I sat on the sofa with hubby and he came and laid down between us and stayed there. So I'm in, just got to get Hubby and Sophie in as well.

Sorry it is a bit blurred but it was taken quickly.

Last night we decided to have an early night but tiger had other ideas. Meowing, wandering around, as we thought he could roam and we just kept our fingers crossed. he came on the bed and started clawing the nice new duvet cover, on the floor again, walked up the bed and along my back, boy is he heavy!. Clawing,patting down my hubby trying to make him into a more comfortable bed at 3am in the morning. So the light was on, off and on again, it was like having a newborn in the house.

In the end we had to shut him out of our room just so that we could get to sleep.
This morning he is meowing, it has stopped now. I wonder where he has gone? Hold on, back in a mo......

ON the step again...
phew a long post. blogger would not up load etc but never mind.
Many thanks for visiting and please leave a comment to say what you think of Tiger (tigger).

We gave a donation to Cats Protection as they rely on this money as they do not charge for the cats like breeders do. I think we have made a good choice with this old boy and I am sure that there will be stories to come in the future.
Enjoy the day.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere...

It has been a very busy weekend despite the awful weather which is still covering Cornwall. I feel sorry for anyone who has booked a holiday here, it really has not let up at all and this morning looks like a November day.

You may remember that I found this lovely piece of fabric on Ebay by Micheal Miller a few weeks ago. I thought (and hoped) that it would be perfect for my friends diary cover. Well I finished it just before I went on holiday. We met up at another friends house on Saturday and I was able to give it to her.

I tried out a new idea by incorporating a pen holder as well. I found a small pen to slot in, may need to adjust this slightly if a longer pen is needed.

I lined the inside with blue cotton fabric. I used pink binding down the edges and here added my label. On the left I added two pockets. This is a new addition, previous covers had a plastic pocket but this time I decided to try something a little stronger.

Close up of pockets.
Kirsty left a lovely comment on an earlier post where I mentioned the cover for the first time so I will transfer it to here.

"Hello, have managed at last to find how to comment although I have already confused myself with the next step! I think that the ICT section of my brain has really deserted me! I just wanted to say another huge THANK YOU for my wonderful, funky diary cover - I love it!!
Kirsy X"

Anytime Kirsty!
I want to try and get hold of some more this fabric because it think it is great.

Well on Sunday we went to see a cat and we brought him home that afternoon. I will post some pictures but as he is a little unsure at the moment so sneaking up on him with a camera may not be a good idea at the moment. there is also a little story that goes with him too.

It is raining again today so Sophie is going to do some cutting and sticking and I am going to use the sewing machine so the kitchen table is booked!
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