Wednesday, 31 December 2008


It is in the early hours of the morning on 31st December and I am writing this post. Why, you might ask, are you not asleep? Well I can not lie down without being in pain because I have hurt my back!!

Whilst putting the washing away, yes Christmas is over, I was bending down to open my knicker drawer and that is when it happened.

The only way I can describe it is it felt like ripping fabric in my lower back and I was stuck!! I ended up with my hands on the side of the bed, in pain, stuck and feeling a right twit. Sophie thought I was mucking around. For the rest of yesterday I could not stand up straight and waddle like a duck with my bum sticking out!
This is painting a lovely picture isn't it? I had things to do to get ready for friends staying today and I am walking like a duck, great. Got through the day and dragged myself to bed. Why I bothered goodness only knows as I could not move and it hurt a lot. Hubby offered to rub in some deep heat which made my back feel like it was on fire. 'Oh good, it is working then' he said with a smirked on his face, you just wait matey. Got some sleep then got woken up by the cat purring very loudly in my ear!

Today it has eased off but now it is playing up again. I have my hubby's 40th/New Years Eve party tonight and I have new shoes which I may not be able to pick up the box to get to said shoes let alone actually walk/waddle in them!
I have not hurt my back in years, even when pregnant I had no back problems( sciatica, well there is a whole tale there in itself)

Typical, manged to not be ill over Christmas ( which I usually am) unlike many of my friends, but get caught out at the last minute. Anyway, not to be beaten we are off to take our friends from Norfolk and Derbyshire for a cream tea at Heligan then to Lanhydrock for the afternoon then quiet time before the party. Fireworks at midnight in the village. Should be good fun.

What do you have planned for New Year?

Whatever it is have fun!
Thanks for reading this tale of woe. I am going to see if I can get some sleep otherwise I shall be fit for nothing tomorrow. My knitted cardigan is growing and I will update later in the week.

Take care


jacquie said...

i'm so sorry. back pain can be so terrible. i will say maybe you shouldn't do laundry...clean clothes are so overrated! hope you had a lovely holiday (besides the back) and good wishes for a great 2009.

SummerSadie said...

I'm so sorry your hurt...and at such a busy time too. Praying it gets better soon and you can enjoy your family. Happy birthday to the hubby.

Kitty said...

Oh crikey Andrea - ouch indeed! I once put my back out like that - I was bending over to get the washing out of the machine and it went 'Ping!' It was agony. The only relief I got was from lying on the floor. Of course I couldn't get up again, but whilst I was down there, it was the least painful of any other position.

I hope today goes ok for you, and that you manage to recover quickly.

Take care, and Happy New Year!


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Another reason to not put clothes away. I favour the floor myself (lazy slob that I am!)
Hope your back gets better soon - although .... don't let on if it does, plenty of excuses for lying on your back getting everyone else doing everything!

JuliaB said...

Oh dear!!! I hope the pain is easing with every passing second and that you manage to have fun tonight! Otherwise you will have to practice your delegation skills!!

Happy New Year! xx

April said...

Oh dear Andrea, that sounds so painful, hope you feel better soon.

Just point regally at whatever you want and delegate from a distance!

Happy New Year

April xx

lesley said...

Oh dear, I hope the back feels better soon and you are relieved of the pain. If you can manage it, have a Wonderful New Year. Healing Hugs xx

Carol VR said...

That soooo sucks. I'm sending your good back vibes and hope your up and well in no time at all.


Bags and Buds said...

So sorry to hear about your back. There must be something very evil about laundry as I threw my back out once from stepping around a basket of clean laundry. Hope you recover soon.
Wendy of BagsandBuds

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