Sunday, 23 November 2008

Tagged and Awarded.....

Many thanks to April for tagging and awarding me at the same time. This is a bit of a mammoth one and I hope that I do not bore you to tears!

7 Things to do before I die..
*See Sophie grow up and be safe and happy.
*To see more of the world.
*To take up the flute again.
*To study for a City and Guilds in Machine embroidery.
*To grow old disgracefully with hubby by my side.
*To have grandchildren.
*To learn to dance (maybe).

7 Things I do now.
*Knit (sort of)
*Work (too b****y hard).
*Make my own patterns to recycle items.
*Make things for my little Sophie.

7 Things I can't do.
* Maths!
*Drive an automatic car.
*Crochet (I am trying to do something about this one).
*Speak in front of a large audience.
*Climb a ladder without getting scared of how high I am.
*Whistle properly.
*Use a traditional tin opener( I found this out recently when my usual tin opener decided to break!)

7 Things I find attractive in the opposite Sex.
*Easy to talk to.
*Is actually interested in you.
*Long brown eye lashes (hubby has those!)
*A sense of humour.
*To like you for who you are and not what they would like you to be.
*Polite and sincere.

7 Things I say most often.
*Yes love?
*Come on it's time to get up Sophie.
*Gosh I'm tired.
*Where are my car keys/ glasses/ handbag etc.
*I will be there in a minute...
*Can I have a squeezey cuddle?
*Can you all stop talking and listen please? (work related this one).

7 Celebrities/ famous that I admire.
*Daniel Craig (Does his own stunts)
*Tina Turner (Difficult life in the early years)
*Mother Teresa and the work she did.
*Kylie Minogue.
*I will have to come back to this section later....
I have changed the title to this slightly to widen the field.

7 Favourite Foods
*Most fruit *Chocolate
*Pasta *Roast vegetables
*Shepherds Pie *Cheesecake

7 people to carry this on...
I do not always have much success with this bit as I nominate people and only half ever take me up on it. So I am going to suggest that if you have your birthday in December (same as me) then please accept this award and tag. Please leave me a comment if you have a birthday in December and if it is the 23rd then I would love to hear from you!
Hope I have not bored you too much and I will be back tomorrow.
Many thanks for the lovely comments about my compact collection and I confess that I have two more on their way to me courtesy of Ebay. Naughty me! Will show them to you when they arrive.
Take care.xx
P.S I have added a comment about feelings towards tagging and awards that I have seen recently.


picciolo said...

hi, a lot of tags there, very interesting!
: )

April said...

well done on the tags. My Sis's birthday is December 16th

April xx

Indigo Blue said...

My birthday is 23rd of December.
Anyone else?

Kitty said...

I'm an April-born, and I've already done this one! I was exhausted by the end!

It was much nicer to read yours than to write mine. Congratulations on the award, and thanks for sharing the info with us.


wonderwoman said...

congrats on your award - my birthday is in january!


Primrose Corner said...

Congratulations on being tagged. Love your 7 things to do before you die - I can identify with those. I'm a May birthday so I can't join in though. I've added you to my twitter people.

MelMel said...

I'll be glad when its all over!

I have so much to do and this is taking up all my brain at the moment! I can#t think off anything apart from this! Poor me!


MelMel said...

Hi hun....some top info!
i can't whistle either!

thank you for the support!xxxx

Indigo Blue said...

I have just read on another blog and a link blog about hating tagging and associating them with chain letters! Is this a widespread feeling? I had tagged one of them and now wish that I had not. I feel that if you wish to do it fine, if not also fine. I do not always pass it on specifically sometimes I do. I like to pass awards on partly because it is nice to be thought of and partly because they add colour to my blog! A recent award I was given I actually changed its use so that I could pass it onto my followers to say thank you. Some have accepted, some have not again that is ok. I, on the other, hand, I like them! I like being thought of by others, that they like my blog enough to pass anything on as there are so many to choose from but they still picked mine. I choose to take part in the spirit that it is all intened. For fun!! I do not see it as an infringement of my privacy, a chain letter obligation otherwise something foul will happen to me nor do I feel bullied into doing it. I CHOOSE TO! This is a craft blog run by a 38 year old secondary school teacher and this is a bit of fun. So I shall post anyhting that is given to me, I will take part and thank those you considered me and offer it to others but I will not nominate any more. I feel that the cooments left about my tagging and tagging in general was worse than any tag I could have passed on and it is a shame that this blogs feelings on tagging happened to have my blog name in the same sentence. Great.
I may put this as a post when I can. xx

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