Friday, 7 November 2008

Hi to my 20 followers have this award......

This lovely award was very kindly given to me by Kitty Wrinkle.

I would like to pass this award onto all of the bloggers who have recently added me to their follower list. Some are new to Indigo Blue and I would like to show my appreciation that they found me. I would appreiciate a link back to here if that is not being too cheeky, thank you. There are also my lovely regulars who have been with me since the very beginning. Due to there being 20 people I am not going to do their links here but they are listed in the sidebar so pop over and say Hi to them.

My Day off, I hope, has done the trick, my husband went to Exeter to visit a client today so it has been just me and the cat. I have really enjoyed reading the comments that have been coming in today, so thank you all very much indeed!

I have made some bread, done some washing, cleaned the living room, written a list of last minute things for Sophie's birthday party and tried to photograph my Quiltie entry. They seem rather over exposed to me but I shall upload them and see what happens tomorrow.

Tomorrow after I have taken Sophie to her ballet lesson I have about 46 of these to make and decorate, with some help from a certain excited little girl as they are going to form her birthday cake and she has insisted that she wants to be a part of this rather than have it as a surprise.

We both had so much fun making these a few weeks ago that a Cupcake Birthday Cake was 'cooked' up. (Sorry, could not resist). Should be fun and messy!

Enjoy the rest of the evening XX


Kitty said...

So pleased to hear you're feeling better. I've seen birthday cakes made of cupcakes before - so pretty, and the kids absolutely love them. Hope it all goes VERY well. x

Josie said...

thanks for the award, glad you're feeling better and the cakes look lovely.
Josie x

LOUISE said...

Well done on receiving the award. I do like the look of those cakes, you may have tempted me into making some. x

Nan said...

Thank you for the award, you're just as sweet as those cuppy cakes! [as my 3 year old Grandson used to call them!]

I am looking forward to hearing how the birthday girl enjoys her day and how her special surprise goes over. I'll be checking in later this weekend to see if you have a chance to post about it!

Country Bliss said...

Thanks for the award, all these cupcakes are making me hungry.
Yvonne x

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