Friday, 21 November 2008

Compact Collection...

I had to pack away my compact collection during the attic conversion so that they were not affected by all of the dust etc. Tonight I eventually put them back in the cabinet, I just wished that I had taken a picture so that I new the best place to put them but never mind. This picture is not terribly good due to the poor light in the living room. I started collecting them about 10-12 years ago when I happened to stumble on an antique fair in Plymouth. It sort of took off and I have been collecting ever since. Here is a selection. The willow pattern one in he middle is one of my favourites and I bought that last Christmas. I had to dash between my house and my in-laws with just enough time to put the winning bid on it. It is immaculate and stands out with its simple blue and white colour.
The two little ones at the front of this picture are very recent Estee Lauder compacts which tend to come out at Christmas time and are defiantly collectibles of the future. So this is a standard item on my Christmas and Birthday list every year. (My birthday is 23rd December you see.) The gold one is called The Quilt is very apt.

The willow pattern was the last compact that I found until I visited The Riverside Antique Shop in Ely, which is a converted barn and has items on three floors! There is found the compact on your left as you look at the screen, it shows the QE2 and was made by Stratton. So it has been a while...until tonight. Putting them all back in the cabinet seemed to revive the question shall I collect any more? There are 70 all in all. Well I succumbed and number 71 will be on its way to me next week..The picture was taken by fbootbabe at Ebay and there are at least two more that I may be tempted to add to my collection, but I will have to think about it.

This is the back of the compact, It has an attached lipstick holder as well and I do not have many of these type of compact. With 70 I am now looking for anything which is eye-catching, and hopefully before 1965.

Sophie helped me to unpack them and was very impressed to be allowed to help and told me which ones she liked the most. I am delighted with this interest as I hope to pass them all onto her one day. I jokingly said you must never sell these and she said very seriously 'I am not going to, they are too lovely!' Ah bless. It is a collection showing an area of women's social history and the compacts do follow design and materials of the time and era.

So, do you collect anything? Leave a comment to say what you collect as I would be interesting to see what other people like to collect.

On the crafting front I have completed a tutorial which I hope to post in the next few days. Started a sample for a recycling project from one of my new books and yes, I am still knitting for charity. I got some sponsors this week too.

Well enjoy the rest of the evening and I will be back over the weekend.


April said...

gorgeous compacts!

April xx

Julie said...

I have a small collection of Quimper pottery from France which I have collected over the years and I also used to collect jugs until I got overrun with less than wonderful ones and called a halt. I've still got a few special ones but I don't look out for them anymore. I just collect for my stash now!

I have to confess to giving a mother of pearl compact that my Mum gave me in my teens (so that makes it 1960's) to the charity shop - don't tell her!

FazendoArte said...

this is a amazing collection


twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely, lovely collection. I collect vintage buttons and cellulite by the look of things :)
Twiggy x

FazendoArte said...

My collection is tons of garbage
i have many packs, and packs, ...:
bottles, paper, corks, tetrapack,
plastic, fabric, etc, VHS, CDs

and i love good books, cds, dvds, too, i have many of them (that works,of course, lolol)


lesley said...

What a beautiful collection. I had a phase of collecting teddy bears but our home became over run with them. I have just asked my special man "do I collect anything now", and he replied "DUST"!!! I don't know what he means! xx

Kitty said...

They are beautiful - really lovely.

I used to collect beer mats *blush* but long since gave that up and gave away the collection. I have a small collection of Walt Disney films, but my main collection is, of course, my stash. ;-)


Jennie said...

ohhh I love compacts! I have often thought about collecting them so looking at yours is a real treat!

Gina said...

What a beautiful collection. I love the blue and white one.

wonderwoman said...

wow that is quite a collection - so lovely!
i don't collect anything now except maybe UFOs - got loads of those!


JuliaB said...

Wow! What an incredible collection!!!! Do you ever use any of them??

jacquie said...

what a wonderful collection! so unique.

SummerSadie said...

If a collection is 3 or more, I have more collections then I can count. But I LOVE the compacts. They're beautiful.

Josie said...

lovely collection. I collect bookmarks.
Josie x

Country Bliss said...

Lovely collection. I collect far too much; vintage china, vintage linen, cookery books, dolls houses, Russian dolls, glass candlesticks, buttons, fabric, I could go on!
Yvonne x

LOUISE said...

Wow, what a fantastic collection of compacts and the cabinet sets them off so well. My late mum used to buy and sell antiques and collectables and a lot of powder compacts passed through her hands. Back then you could still pick them up cheaply at jumbles and boots. I remember she had some lovely ones and they sold well. I have a rather large collection of yellow/white Cornishware, I love it, and really don't think I will ever sell it. x

Nan said...

Oh my, now that I know this bit of information, my mind is thinking of other things I could have done instead for the swap!

Very nice collection. Now as for what I collect, besides dust bunnies under my bed and junk mail that never seems to make it to the trash can... I collect 2 things, birds, the balance of which is mostly ducks, [for my husbands taste!] and maps, globes and things to go with this such as old style telescope or compass and things of this type.

Tilly said...

Wow, these are absolutely beautiful. I don't really collect anything in particular. I love books but have to restrain myself as they end up taking up too much room. My mum has a fabulous collection of victorian/edwardian family photo's and postcards which I hope will come my way at some point. I just love those.

Anonymous said...

I have recently started collecting compacts. I purchased a pill box at a flea market and was hooked, after a few of them I discovered compacts and haven't gone back. I have about 30 now and just couldn't figure out the best way to display them, so I am glad you had pictures of your displayed collection. Thank You!

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