Saturday, 22 November 2008

Christmas Decoration Swap deadline reminder...

Hello Swappers!!
Do not want to panic all you busy people but the deadline(ish) is looming and emails are coming in from participants who have let me know that swaps have been sent and I would like to say thanks for letting me now. I have had an email from a swapper who can not get in touch with their partner and has not heard from them either. I have emailed both parties and if this has fallen through then I will be their partner. So if you have not been in touch with your partner then please do so even if it is just to say 'Hi'. The deadline is a suggestion so that swaps are not delayed when the Christmas post gets into full swing and so that all decorations can be on trees etc during the festivities. I am in the process of wrapping my box and will send it Monday. My swap partner and I email each other anyway and have been in regular contact. Any worries then let me know and I will sort it out.
Thanks again for everyone who has signed up for this swap. I have made some new blog friends as a result and have become involved in making items to help them. That is another post though but Gina F will now what I mean!

Just a quick post but I am reaching my 200th post and seeing as I missed my 1000th visitor milestone I shall make sure that I do not miss this one.
I can feel a give away coming on....
Take care all.
PS Look at the last post and comment on what you collect.


Nihal said...

Hi Andrea,
Just a quick note, I completed all my lovelies, chic package done duly and ready to mail to London by tomorrow. Information to my partner is already done. I'm very sure she'll love each single of them as I did them w/ love, passion and creativity.
Many thanks for giving this opportunity to enter and make a 'new' friend who's so sweet and kind:)

Kitty said...

Ha! I bet you're wiggly bagging!

My swap went off last Wednesday - so did my partner's ... can't wait to see get her parcel, or for her to get mine. Thanks for hosting!


April said...

Hi, I've left you an award and a tag on my blog

April xx

Gina said...

Hi Andrea, My swap went off two weeks ago but I've not heard a word from my partner yet - I did email to let her know it was on its way. Hope it has arrived. Thank you again for the wiggly bags! x

gin said...

Hi, my package will be mailed to my partner tomorrow. She should receive it in 2-3 days.

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