Thursday, 23 October 2008

Fabric, Dye, Bead and Stitch 6

This sample from the City and Guilds file is stitched on a blue loose linen. The task was to learn about drawn thread work and textured stitches. If I remember rightly I chose shades of blue because it worked well with the fabric I had, it was a colour scheme that i had not used before in the course and the variation of shades worked well with he depth and texture of the stitches because it added 'light' shades to the sample.

It measures about the size of an A4 piece of paper and like all of the other sample needs framing rather than staying in a plastic wallet which is where it is at the moment. I really must try and get back to this type of work. I really enjoyed this course as it gave me the opportunity to create like this.

Next, now that Sophie is older, I would really like to do a City and Guilds in machine embroidery. My last course was a correspondent course which I was able to fit around work. I was going to do the course with the same college but then it folded and I have not been able to find another. So if anyone knows of another (in the UK) then I am very interested. It would be an ideal New Years Resolution wouldn't it?

I have finished my latest Amy Butler bag but today had been so dark and dreary that a photo was impossible. I have also started my two next swap items as well.

Many thanks for the lovely comments this month, especially about my Camper Van, and the new visitors who have said hello. I have been returning the visit and saying 'hello' too. I have taken some nice photos of the Camper Van and I hope to make them into cards. Be a bit different, won't they?

I have a training day tomorrow then half-term begins. My body and brain needs a break and I need to catch up on jobs around the house and some other work tasks.

Tomorrow I have some info for anyone who likes knitting and raising money for charity.

Off to get some beauty sleep.

Take care



Rachael Rabbit said...

That sampler is SO pretty - I love it. Your camper van is pretty cool too!!

Lynn said...

Just when I think that you can't make something more beautiful, you do it!


Kitty said...

The blue stitching is wonderful - put it in a frame and hang it somewhere everyone will see it!

I'm so glad we've got half term - those early mornings are not good, are they? :-O x

wonderwoman said...

your stitching is beautiful and deserves to be framed and looked at - must have taken a while!


Primrose Corner said...

That is lovely and it definately deserves a place in a frame on yor wall somewhere prominent. I'm studying with Design Matters - Linda Kemshall. It's an online course. I don't know whether they offer the course your looking for though.

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