Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Designers of the future...

Been very hectic at work this week. I will have some craft items to show you at the weekend, plus a tutorial coming up which would be ideal for stocking fillers.
In the meantime I thought that you may like to see some bookmarks that my Year 7 did as an introductory project. Here is a selection, there are 48 in total so too many to show them all. Back later in the week.

Coloured pencils had to be used as shading was one of the skills being taught. They could design whatever they wanted. Googly eyes, felt etc could be used if they wished.

Some students did stitch around the edge with the sewing machine after their book mark had been laminated.

There were many more and since these pictures were taken we have since started a textiles project based on my juggle ball tutorial. Hopefully some pictures in the future of these.

Take care


Carol VR said...

I love the sponge bob one...he totally rocks!!!!

craftycritters said...

Great bookmarks.

Kitty said...

Isn't it great seeing what children come up with - everything so different. I'd love to know, did you find that each bookmark summed up it's creator?


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