Thursday, 16 October 2008

An award for everyone!... Thanks Nan...

No one is really sure where this started, there appears to be no rules and Nan at Nannybird Crafts has received this award and emailed me to tell me about it.

So I have collected it and posted it now I would like to scatter it everywhere like confetti across blogland... (sorry getting carried away, it has been one of those days). There have been many new bloggers leaving comments here over the last month or two. If you have come back again for another visit then take this with you. Simply copy and paste into your pictures on your computer and then upload it when posting or adding a gadget on the margin. Saying 'Hi' would be fun too. Lets see how far it could go, I say this because it fascinates me that on my craftyblogs stats I can see that I have had visitors recently from China, India, Vietnam, Japan and Russia!! It amazes me but really it should not because the Internet has in a way shrunk the world and blogging enables us to have friends in countries we may never have a chance to visit. This makes us XXtraordinary Bloggers !

Two years ago I did take part in a teacher exchange to Kenya, I went to a town outside Kisumu. I had a visit from someone in Kenya a few weeks ago and it brought back some lovely memories of my visit. Mmmmm, a topic for a future post perhaps?

Yippee I have photo printer paper at last, hopefully a recycled tote will follow soon.

Take care and don't forget to take the award with you when you go.



wonderwoman said...

as i have enough trouble trying to master links, i will have a go at this, but can't promise anything!!me and technical stuff just don't get on!!!

yay, bloggers!!!


M.Kate said...

Congrats to you and that's a wonderful award :D

Sandi said...

Oh, your post made me laugh. I will take the award with me and post about it sometime this weekend. I have been amazed at the wide range of locations that have come to my blog. And then there are the blogs that I can go visit - like your blog! You are an XXtraordinary blogger! I marked my calendar today to remind me of when I MUST HAVE my ornament finished and sent off to my swap partner. I have an idea for her and I hope it works!! :-)

Primrose Corner said...

Congratulations! You've gotten your hands on photo paper - Oh I can't wait to see what you're up to.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award... and thank you for mine! you are so nice to give it to all of your bloggy friends! I'll post mine sometime this weekend too.

Kitty said...

Congratulations on your award, IB - very well deserved. I like the way awards ripple through the Blogosphere, spreading friendship and recognition. Good for you.

Can't wait to see the recycled tote. x

ayumills said...

yeah! award for everyone!!
I find it fascinating too that so many people from different countries can discover blogs!

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