Friday, 5 September 2008

That Friday feeling....

Well, I have survived a training day and two days back at work! It is a long stretch this term but I saw this on google and it made me smile, so I am going to put this in my side bar and in my posts to keep me cheerful..

He seems to have that fixed glazed look that many of us must feel come Friday, eh? I went round to my elderly neighbours house to help put some drops in her eyes then we chatted.... for one and a half hours!

I didn't realise the time so I settled in front of the The Tudors at 9.15pm. Just me and Tiger sitting on the sofa in peace...bliss! He follows me around the house and was clearly pleased to see me when I got home. This morning I was woken up to purring in my left ear. I opened one eye to find Tiger with his face on his paws stretched out on the duvet watching me. When he saw me awake he patted my hand to make a fuss of him. Ahhhh! That wake up call ranks along with the first time Sophie woke me up with a sloppy kiss on my cheek.

Right , enough of the sloppy stuff, I have wanted for some time to have my own button. I have looked at a few tutorials and only manage to get so far. I have decided to try my own way. It is not much bigger than some of the awards that have been circulating, it is the link working that I am hoping works.

If you would like to have a colourful button then copy and paste the button in the margin. I would like to hear if it does not work properly as this is a bit of an experiment.

At this point I would like to say thank you for your kind comments about my laptop tutorial and for those of you who visited to look at it. If you do have a go at the laptop cover or a cover for something else, I really would like to see it. I have also added my email to help with this.

More tomorrow, including some crafting pics.
Have a good weekend everyone.
Take care.
:-) xx


Linda said...

Your button brought me to your homepage. :) Guess that means it is working?!
It is too cute! Great job!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Your camper-van swap partner has been chosen!
See my blog for details

LOUISE said...

I love The Tudors. Henry the Eighth never looked so good! x

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