Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Fabric, Dye, Bead and Stitch 4

Another stitched piece. This one is the end result of playing around with dyes in the kitchen. it was definitely bucket chemistry, as my husband called it at the time, I had sheets to follow so that I started with certain colours and by adding more in a certain order I gradually expanded the colour range and took a sample of dye at each stage. With these different colours I dyed whatever was not glued down! There are even some old cotton bandages (unused I must say) in that piece.

I really enjoyed this task and once every dye colour had been made and a sample had been taken by dipping a piece of white cotton into it for my sketch book. The rest of dye I used up as it could not be kept.

The stitched panel is what I decided to do with my dyed pieces of fabric etc. it is more colourful than the photo suggests and just like yesterdays post I am going to see how I can better frame it.

Swap will be officially launched tomorrow. OOOH this is exciting.

See you tomorrow



Lynn said...

This is lovely! You have such a creative spirit, wish you could email some of it to me!


jo said...

Love the colours in this. You are so talented. Was too late to join your Christmas swap but can't wait to see what all your entrants come up with.

Primrose Corner said...

Love that stitched piece - do you get time to make many things like this now?

I'm getting excited about the swap too.

FazendoArte said...

Your stitched works are amazing
great designs

(i invite you a chalenge in my BLOG)


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