Monday, 11 August 2008

So much to say and show...

Well, we got home yesterday at about 9pm, unloaded the car and then waded through a pile of post. There is so much to catch up on that I will need to spread it over a few days otherwise it will be too long to read in one go.
I will start with the award I was given nearly two weeks ago. I could not copy and paste the award while I was away but today with two clicks I had it...

It was given to me by Jennie at 'Down the Rabbit Hole, many thanks and sorry that it has taken so long to put up.
These are the rules:
1).Paste the award logo onto your blog.
2)Add a link to the person who nominated you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs ( a bit tricky this bit).
4)Put links to your nominees.
5)Leave a message to your nominees about the award.

I have decided to give this award to the following blogs for a wide number of reasons but alot of time a effort goes into their blogs, they are very informative and keep making me want to visit over and over again. Could have listed everyone in my margin plus some I have written down but not yet added.
Award nominees are......
3)The Chocolate Cat (who was my cupcake swap partner and my parcel arrived today and is fantastic, but more on that later)

The rest of today has been spent cleaning and tidying the kitchen. I did check my emails and found my largest Etsy order so far had been made which was very exciting. I am nearly out of purses now with just a few on my website. So I stopped the cleaning ( oh what a shame!) and processed the order and went to the postoffice. I can now make some more which I was thinking about for Christmas Parties etc.
There was also another reason for cleaning as Sophie and I want to use this book which I bought in Lewes when we were away, by the way the weather was fantasic, .lovely sun everyday, lotion needed too hot to sleep etc brilliant. I have now come back to Cornwall and RAIN!
Anyway I digress, the book

ISBN: 10 1-905695-63-2 (the publishers)
Sophie and I saw this both at the same time and we have decided what we are going to tackle first..

Followed by this..

Yum Yummmmm.
Now this links in well with the parcel which was waiting for collection at my neighbours house from my Cupcake Swap partner who lives in Australia. I had to wait over-night as she had gone to bed by the time I got back yesterday. I opened it today and gasped! It is brilliant, but my photos are not. The day has been so dull and the pictures did not do her work justice so I am going again tomorrow and with my cooking. There is a clue there as I will be able to use the swap item? It was a delight to open it and Sophie could not believe that it had been handmade.
I have also completed a book cover commission and recieved my Blue and Brown swap from America but more on that this week.
Back tomorrow hopefully with better pictures and some cupcake goodies.
Take care


Nan said...

Oh, you have been so, so, so busy! I am so, so, so far behind! Thank you so much for the lovely award, I promise I will blog about it tomorrow! Thanks again! Hugs.

woof nanny said...

Thank you so much for appreciating all the work that goes into The Purse Project. I actually got a similar award for Woof Nanny recently, so I am going to opt out of announcing my fav blogs again (I hope that's okay) but I very much appreciate that you mentioned me here. Very much. Thank you.

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