Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Holiday Wip finished....

I took these photos outside and they looked fine on the camera but they do seem a little overbright here. The main felt is bright pink with bright green and shades of pink and lilac flowers. I decided yesterday evening to make a fabric book cover with my flower design but in a different style. having the time and peace to do this enabled me to finish it in one sitting. If only that was possible more often.

I added a little extra on the inside flap.

Added one of my labels on the bacl. This time I added it before assembling the cover and I think that it is easier to see.
I am pleased with this outcome and I played around with some more ideas while I was on a bit of a roll.

I want to introduce shades of blue and green because not everybody likes bright pink. I also have an idea for other special occasson books too, but more on that when I have something solid to show.

It has been another scorching day today and I have got a little red on the tops of my shoulders, but I can not complain as we have heard from family that the weather in Cornwall has been wetter than here.
A really loud thunder storm is hovering overhead and we have two scared cats and one not too happy 5 year old! Oh ! We visited Rudyard Kiplings house today but I will say more on that tomorrow as I think Sophie needs a hug.
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See you tomorrow


M.Kate said...

Now that's a beautiful one. Certainly wont mind carrying one around :) Happy weekend

Knit - R - Done said...

I answered your meme.

I must say that I love looking into your journals. It's really fascinating to peek into your mind!

Suzie Sews said...

beautiful, I shall be back for more...

inkberryblue said...

Your embroidered book cover is gorgeous (I love the bright colours) and I always enjoy looking into your sketchbook.
Happy Sunday. =]

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Not everybody likes bright pink?
Hello? Who are these people?
"Picking out" a Boden skirt and actually making a purchase are two different things - I usually have to wait until the 70% off sale and see what's left! Got a lovely, lovely Boden coat once that way for £30 !!

Nan said...

Oh there you go again, showing me things that make me go "ohhhh... I want one of those" You KNOW pink is my favorite color so you know I'm not one of the ones who pick blues and greens, though... they are rather nice too! LOL ;)

Anyway, I always love your posts with a peek into your scrap book, and seeing what your thoughts are turning out onto a page before into a project!

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