Sunday, 31 August 2008


Yes! Today was the day that we could officially let Tiger out of the house. We were told by Cats Protection to keep him in the house so that he understands that this is now his home. Now the other day he escaped again so under close supervision we let him sniff and wander around the garden. For an old boy he certainly scampered up the fences quick enough!!

So after Hubby had been to Asda to shop for our little end of holiday party we decided to let him out. Sophie was a little worried and to be honest so was I, we have become rather attached to this grumpy old tabby. He wandered up to where the trees had been taken out and suddenly a big black Labrador stuck his nose thought the fence. Tiger certainly shifted quick. This dog is visiting I think but we should be getting our fence up asap. He then disappeared over next doors fence and out of sight. After a few minutes Sophie and I could not resist looking over said fence because I was wandering if he could get back. Then I thought what am I doing? So I went indoors to clean the bathroom.

Then he came back and packed up on the bench outside and fell asleep! That was it, what was I so worried about?

He has discovered the window sill in our bedroom and I sneaked up on him with my camera.

He just about fitted on the windowsill and stretched out to nearly half the length of it.

I was, of course, spotted with my camera. Not long after this he moved because the had become too hot. I have to say that this is the second time of being on this sill because the first time he fell off and slid down the back of the head board and got stuck! We had to pull the bed out and I am ashamed to say end up with fluff and cobwebs on his head! This did not put him off.

Our party went well, so now I have to get down to some work for the day job plus my laptop tutorial but after I have been to the cinema to see this with my friend tomorrow...

Take care.



JuliaB said...

OooH! hope you have as much fun as Moogsmum at Mamamia! x

jo said...

Your in for a special treat at the cinema. I had to go back again it was so good.

LOUISE said...

I have noticed cats often want to squeeze into a spot which isn't really big enough for them, they do some funny things. I shouldn't worry about Tiger, I am sure he knows which side his bread is buttered on! x

Julie said...

I'm ashamed to say I laughed at the thought of Tiger falling between the bed and the windowsill. I'm sure he had quite a shock tho! Not enough to keep him off the windowsill tho lol I used to have a black cat called tiger - he had stripes as a kitten and they disappeared. Sounds like Tiger knows where home is now.

Hope you enjoyed Mamma Mia - I've been twice so far :o)

inkberryblue said...

Tiger's beautiful and he looks as if he feels very much at home. I think he's a lucky boy to have found you! Have fun at Mamma Mia ~ I haven't been yet but I've heard it's delightfully upbeat. =]

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