Tuesday, 22 July 2008

6,000 Hits and a much needed break....

Suddenly the hit counter has shot past 6,000 hits, where has the time gone? Many thanks to new visitors and many who have followed me from day one.

Sorry to those of you who do not get much in the way of holiday but I am so glad that the Summer holidays have started. I warned people last summer that this years timetable and breath of subjects was not managable but when you have managed in the past they think that you will manage in the future. Well guess what? I am that whacked out that no amount of sleep is helping, I can't remember anything for more than a few minutes ( that may be just me though), as soon as I sit down I start to nod off, I do not have energy to to do anything and just want to go to bed. Knackered I think would be the medical diagnosis!
I know that I have written lists on here before and only manage a few of them but starting Friday afternoon life will slow down come what may. Why wait until Friday? Well my poor little girl has to keep going to school until 1.30pm on Friday. She is in reception and is as tired as Mummy. I am afraid that I want to Mummy brag a little here. Her end of year report was all 7's and 8's (good girl) Her class teacher has done a fantastic job with her and the rest of the class too, and as a fellow teacher (teenagers) I now how much it takes.

Tomorrow morning I am not having the lie-in that I crave for but going to an Embroiderers' Guild Meeting, Sophie will be at school so I thought that I would go into mine and take down some displays and sort out some cupboards while I am still in the swing of things. Thursday I shall take Sophie to school and go into mine to do some more sorting etc and then on Friday I am meeting a colleague in school to draw up plans for next term and then pick up Sophie.

Now here comes the good bit, Friday afternoon we are going here:

My sister-in-law lives there and we are going to cat, house and allotment sit for two weeks. It is a lovely little place where you can walk to the shops, beach etc.
There is a great sea front where you can ride your bike in the evening and see the sun setting.
There are lots of these too...
Which Sophie found fascinating when we first visited three years ago. " Little houses Mummy"
It is only an hour from London and a short shuttle train to Brighton.
There is amazing coastlines and beaches to explore too.
My hubby still needs to keep in contact with work via email so I should still be able to blog and post photos etc, especially the cats. Sophie wants to buy them a small toy each.
I have a commission to make a fabric book cover which I have cut out and hope to finish by Friday then I shall leave my sewing machine at home and take some Knitting, hand sewing and see if I can tackle my crochet demons. I also have two books lined up to read and I am going to take my pink sketchbook with me too. So ther will be much washing, ironing and packing to do.....
I would like to say a huge thank you for all the lovely comments on my Blue and Brown post. It was a tricky challenge and hearing other opinions is good so keep adding to them on that post. I have decided to reply to questions in the comment section in posts from now on as I like to reply (it is good manners) but it is not always easy to get into some blogs or indeed you not have one. So I started this new approach on the last post. Let me know if you think it is not working out.
I have tinkered a little with the blog by adding a few new features and been adding a few items to my website as well.
I really hope I can get good internet connection when I am away because I have lots to show and hopefully now the time to do it.
Thanks again everyone you have lifted my spirits on many ocassions.
Take care until the next post.
XX :-)


April said...

I am so glad it is the end of term!

Enjoy your house-sitting

April xx

picciolo said...

lucky you having long holidays! And your two weeks away sound great too, enjoy!
: )

Kitty said...

My two finished at lunchtime today, and I am soooo relieved. We are all really tired and need those mornings with no rushing around. I switched off my alarm with glee today.

Hope you have a fantastic holiday - it's a part of the world I really want to see. x

Jennie said...

ooh have a nice time.
I've left you an award on my blog! :D

Nan said...

I have been trying to catch up with you, I have not read my dear favorite blogs in over 2 weeks I believe.

I'm glad your vacation is going well and you are all enjoying it. Hugs!

Oh, and YAY! for Sophie and her good end of term report!

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