Monday, 12 May 2008

Madeleine....5th Birthday today..

My daughter's birthday 5th birthday (9/11/07), went a little like this....

Six invitations were carefully written out (by copying what I had written on a piece of paper, not bad for a little girl who only started reception in September 2008). These were taken to school and handed out with much excitement! All replied and plans were made. Sophie knew exactly which cake she wanted, Disney Cinderella fron Asda! She knew which games she wanted to play, she hoped that it would be nice enough outside for her and her friends to use her playhouse, she would like pink balloons Dad if you could find them for her please. This he managed to do.

A section of the kitchen was decorated by hanging down shiney pink and red hearts from the ceiling ( they were really for valentines but she liked them), a trip to Tesco got us kitted out with Cinderella tablecloth,cups etc with a budget which Sophie stuck to (good girl). Mummy found some calico bags for party bags and Sophie chose pictures for Mummy to draw on so that she and her friends could colour them in on the day. Cards and presents were bought and hidden carefully.

A party dress was found, chosen and firmly decided upon, (Sophie is very easy to shop with) and hung up in her room with pride and excitment! Her room was tidied so that her friends could get in her room and play. Sophie chose a kiddie CD with music on for musical statues and Dad had to check that he knew how to play the game! (Poor Dad). A very excited little girl reluctantly went to bed because she was worried that she would not get up in time in the morning even though we told her that her friends would not be arriving until 10.30am!
Teeth were brushed, face washed, story read and one last look at the party dress before snuggling under her duvet cover.

All childrens birthdays should be as happy as Sophie's!
What a contrast in circumstances......
Could not let this pass without a post on it. Hope you all do not mind.
Take care and best wishes to you all.
PS Click on Madeleine McCann website link in the side bar for more information.


Yummers! said...

Such a sweet story of birthday anticipation. Yes... how nice if all children's birthdays were like that.

Turtle said...

Happy Birthday! So sweet! Before you know it ... they will be celebrateing sweet 16 (my daughter in 3 short weeks)! Enjoy and savor it!

Jacquie said...

5..quite a milestone! You did a wonderful job making it special for her.

April said...

Little ones get so excited about birthdays - oh, who am I kdding - I still get really excited about birthdays!!

April xx

Lace Threads said...

What a lovely birthday she had. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I love yours - especially the sentiment about not cutting a gorgeous fabric. I have that problem a lot. Caroline x

Alison Boon said...

Birthdays are such fun when you're young.

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