Sunday, 13 April 2008

Craft Fair advice ....

Well I have decided that despite all the chaos here and work that I will do a craft fair on May 5th Bank Holiday. Certainly got plenty to take plus some bits to make.
So really I am wondering if there are any seasoned craft fair bloggers out there or anyone who has done a fair for the first time and has any advice.
Such as..
* Things to take (or wished that you had taken).
* Pricing ranges (what did you find successful, I thought having some items under £5 would be good as well as higher ones).
* Any other tips that others might find useful as well.
This is one of my book covers that I thought I would take along.

Many thanks for the Wedded Bliss comments, it was amazing that day how many people we met who thought that 10 years was some major achievement. Perhaps it is for today but we have a long way to go before we match our parents number of wedlock (or is that padlock) years! The suggestive comment did make us both laugh.
OOpps Sketch Book Sunday 3, forgotten to take the photos so I will come back again and add them in.
Enjoy the rest of the day, it is sunny here and Sophie is out with Dad trying her bike without the stabilizers for the first time. So I shall have tissues and plasters at the ready for when she comes home just in case.

Sketch Book Sunday 3
This bag has since winged its way to America as part of a bag swap that I took part in in March. I wanted to make a round bag simply becuase I had never made one before. The fabric was left over from my degree and is a wool and cashmere mix in a camel colour. lovely to stitch with. The ideas were very random with this bag and the fact that flowers appeared was completely out of no where. By using free machine embroidery and complimentary colours I stitched random flowers which were embellished in the centre with an orangey clay bead. The sketches were drawn in black pen where wavey lines were also looked at as well as curvey lines for the flowers.
With this bag I started with the fabric, beads and threads and fiddled about until I found something I liked, not exactly planned, more accidental which can turn out better.


April said...

I love the book cover, it's gorgeous

April xx

picciolo said...

the book cover is lovely! I will check back and see if you have had any good suggestions for your craft fair, mine is in a couple of weeks
: )

purple and paisley said...

of course you can put the patchworkz game on your blog! i came across it just surfing the internet...i'm glad you like it! it's rather addictive isn't it?


Love the bag, these sort of free flow things can turn out really well, and I find lead to other creative avenues!Keep up the good work, I think bits and bobs under a £5 should sell well,often its nice to buy lots of bits - stocking fillers and little one off presents, at these crafty fairs.
x Vicky x

cd&m said...

The book cover is beautiful, as for craft fair advice well I think the biggest piece of advice is not to get discouraged because sometimes they aren't very good with people just browsing (and making comments) instead of buying.
Make sure you have some business cards so people can contact you after the event.
Best of luck!

inkberryblue said...

Gorgeous book cover (I love art deco roses), beautiful bag and yummy drawings!

I haven't any advice to give for the craft fair but I hope that you and Sophie have a fun, rewarding day.

By the way, I'm pretty pleased with my crochet bag...I'm planning on posting some pictures of my progress on inkberryblue in the next few days and, of course, I'd love it if you came and had a look.

Happy weekend.

FazendoArte said...

lovely a lot

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