Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Battling with a stubborn website and a horrible cold..

Not a lot to report today. My cold is at its peak so it will hopefully start to go away. (Just in time to go back to work yippee!) I have just finished one item which I am going to put into a tutorial as I have not done one since October 2007. It concerns Knitting... OOOH

I have been battling again with my website and even though I have upgraded this, that and the other "IT" and I still seem to be at odds. The fabric book cover section has been started and has two items with more to add that I made before Christmas for a craft fair. My keyrings are proving more tricky as the photos that I took last November are on another computer.... I am sure that you are getting the idea by now. I have even decided to open up my Esty shop again. I thought I was going to have to move out whilst the builders were in so I let the expiry dates pass. Now we do not think it will be necessary until right at the end so I am going to renew the keyrings already on there and I have added 4 purses. I have heard mixed things about the success for people on Etsy but then nothing is for sure is it. Would really like someone to buy something to get the ball rolling..

A question for you all...
How long was it until anyone bought an item from you and what did it feel like when you put it in the post?

Any sketchbook offerings? Or drawings etc? Or even written suggestions as to how your ideas get from your head to reality?

I am going over to a colleagues house tomorrow to do some coursework marking but I shall post my tutorial in the evening when I get back. I am going to take my head cold and a lemsip to bed and read my book for a bit. Sniff, Sniff.
Take care

PS One funny thing today... Sophie decided that by putting her red trousers on with a back to front red T-shirt with black paper dots stuck to her made a good ladybird outfit today!! It was the hairband with the red sparkly pipe cleaners for antenna that really made me laugh!!

image courtesy of world wildlife trust: Google.



Alison Boon said...

Hope you feel better soon.

inkberryblue said...

I'm sorry you're not well...and thank you so much for listing me as one of your favourite bloggers!

It sounds like your little girl is just as creative as you...what a gorgeous idea for a costume.

jo said...

Hope the cold will soon be better. Haven't got an Esty shop but when I sold a few of my bags on Ebay the other week I was over the moon to think that someone wanted to pay for what I had made. The best bit was waiting for their feedback I was so glad when they all said niece things. I'm sure your first sale will come soon.

picciolo said...

hope you feel better soon! At least you haven't had to move out yet so you can be cosy at home. Sophies costume sounds great, hooray for red sparkly pipe cleaners!
: )

purple and paisley said...

hope you feel better soon...can't wait for your tutorial although i am not a very good knitter! =)

April said...

hope you feel better soon

April xx

Nan said...

I'm sorry to hear you are sick, no fun, I hope you are feeling more like your self and SOON!

I love the creative thinking of your little girl, it's so cute to see a young imagination at work!

Thank you for listing me was one of your favorite blogs, that was so sweet, you're one of mine too! No kidding!! I love the purses you have made and felt work you do, it's just so nice to see others creations.

Good luck on the Etsy shop. I have never done anything with them, but also have wondered how well it works for selling your things. I hope it is a hit for you. Hugs, Nan

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