Thursday, 6 March 2008


I need to struggle with my laptop tonight and try to transfer documents to someone else's memory stick. Now I use memory sticks, computers etc alot at work but you what life is like when someone wants something done like yesterday! My laptop did not like the stick, then I got it to work but half of what was needed was on another stick so needed to tranfer that first...... I think you get the idea. so I have brought it home to sort out in peace so on to something much nicer.
Many thanks to Inkberry Blue for this..
I regularly visit this blog as her crocheting is to drool over. In one of the posts Inkberry blue has crocheted a lovely tea cosy that so wish that I could make. I have never been taught crochet and none of my family really do this craft. We can do some of the basics but never taken it any further. her blog also covers many other aspects of craft and artist which she visits in her home country of Australia.
Since starting my blog last September I have been surprised at how links spread, just how big the craft community is and I have gained alot if inspiration from others. As for my internet skills and being able to set up a blog has increased my confidence that I am not a complete thicky when it comes to this type of area.
I will learn how to crochet, tackle more quilt blocks and set up a website all of which I would not thought achieveable 6 months ago.
I have uploaded my bag entry on the U-handbag flickr pool and the deadline is the 17th so I shall wait and see. Hopfully more photos can be taken this weekend inbetween sorting out the attic!
Just a short post today.
Take care.

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