Monday, 31 March 2008


I have been tagged by Purple and Paisley just before I went away so here goes...
1). Name and URL of person who tagged you.
2). Post the rules.
3). Write 7 things about yourself.
4). Name 7 fav blogs.
5). Send email to 7 blogs to say that they have been tagged.

So the 7 things about me are:

1). I love making anything but mainly in fabric, beads, felt etc.

2). I can not knit very well so i am trying to self teach myself .

3). I teach textiles.

4).I am a member of the Embroiderers Guild.

5). I have been on a teaching exchange to Kenya and loved it.

6). I am married with a cheeky 5 year old daughter.

7). Blogging has improved many skills such as using digital cameras, Photoshop, etc as I am fairly computer dumb.

My 7 Fav Blogs are:

1). Nannybird; For her friendliness and funny posts.

2). Picciolo: For producing very original designs and a frindly manner.

3). Purple and Paisley: For appearing out of no where and sticking around. Lovely blog too.

4). Inkberryblue: For her excellent crochet and fantastic photography.

5). Twiggypeasticks: For having one of the best blog names I think I have ever heard and for having and excellent blog.

6). Cake makes the world a better place: For cakes that make your mouth drool!

7). U-handbag: For fulfilling my handbag fetish and inspiring my bag making.
I would like to inlcude all of the blogs in my side bar. I have two new ones to add this week as well. If I like them I add them and visit them in turn during the week. I like loads to be honest.

Hope that was not too boring.

I shall not tag 7 people as this has been doing the rounds lately but I shall tag those who may not have done this before or I have only just got in contact with.
April 1st:
No this is not a joke I just missed this bit out when I was posting.
Forgot to say the other day that I am going to tag Twiggypeasticks and Cakes make the world a better place.

I have more news as well but I will post that when I have finished photographing it.
How many times have you been tagged? Do you find it hard to know what to say?
100th post is looming what shall I do to celebrate?
Any ideas?
Best wishes
Might be back later today.


April said...

Thanks for tagging me - it's my first one!

April xx

purple and paisley said...

thank you for the links to my blog...good job on the tag...=)

M.KATE said... i know a little more about you and you've been to kenya, i think that's real cool :)

Alison Boon said...

I followed the link from April's blog. I enjoyed my visit.

picciolo said...

hi, it's nice to hear a bit more about you, and thanks for listing me as one of your favourite blogs! Hows the building work coming along?
: )

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