Friday, 14 March 2008

Nannybird Competiton Week 3!!

Nannybird is in week 3 of her blogaversary competition and you can win yet another fantastic bag that has been made by her own fair hand! The rules and instructions are all there and the deadline is midnight her time which can be seen in the side margin. As with last week enter yourself if you would like to or at least leave a comment saying you came from me to increase my chances, I would be very grateful. I am not much good at competitions so I need all the help I can get.

Nannybird also has numerous posts which will make you laugh when you read them, a real fun blog to visit.

Well this week has been a real "challenge"! I have had work coming out of my ears to the point where they are actually hurting!! Anyway, it is the weekend and no ballet tomorrow so hopefully a much wanted lie in for a while in the morning. Then I think I will need to tackle the sewing/office and take some stuff to the storage unit.
The plans have come through from the builder and things start after Easter. We are looking forward to it in a scared kind of way.

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