Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

This is Sophie's handmade Mother's Day Card which she made at school and was secretly brought home in the infamous bookbag. reading the lovely comments (thank you) these book bags have been used all over the country for getting Mummy cards into the house. What would we do without them! Sophie also chose a lovely necklace in browns and golds to go with many tops that I have. The lunch out was lovely and the day started of gloomy but did perk up a bit then started raining, never mind.
I shall be stretching my posting out a bit this week as I have marking to do. Also Packing!! I found out today that our builder is able to start work on converting our attic, wait for it.... next Monday! So after the course I attended today as part of the day job I dashed off to book and hire a small container to self store much of the house which the builders need access to, so that will be *All of the attic
*All of the garage, as it is the only way of getting to the back of the house and the builders will want to put some stuff in there.
*Part of Sophie's room as she is having a new heating whatsit put in.
*Most of the cupboard under the stairs so that the fuse box can be updated for the fire/smoke alarms.
*All of the airing cupboard which will be where the new stairs will be.
*All of the office/sewing room (what am I going to do now!!) which we want to convert back to a bedroom.
Phew, and possibly more. We intend to have a good sort out. We may stay with my in-laws for a bit so I will need to work out what to store and what to take to work etc.
All I need now is for OSFTED to call for an inspection (we are waiting for it and have been since Sept 07) and my chaos will be complete. So after this coming Sunday I will certainly be able to browse and comment but actually to post may be difficult but we shall see. Just may not have any photos just text. So my poor website is going to be affected again, am I wasting my time with that? Well I have just recieved a very small introductory order from USA for a section of my webshop but I will show you once I have loaded them onto my site.
How do you test that all is ok with a webshop?
My biggest concern is that the payment set up will go wrong and I will have unhappy cross shoppers. I was thinking of getting my other half to 'buy' something to test it all out, particularly the checkout etc. What do you think?

Back tomorrow with U-handbag update. Have you entered this competiton? Click on the button in the margin and read the rules then have a go.
Bye for now.

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picciolo said...

hello! That is certainly a lot of packing, I hope you get it all done in time. Exciting having your attic done, that's our aim one day too, if we ever finish the rest of the house, oh and win the lottery!
Sophies card is lovely, what an artistic girl you have.
: )

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