Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter Saturday..

Sophie helped me to decorate this...

We found it at the local supermarket, it came with all the eggs and then we just added some wooden decorations that we already had. Cute.

I have spent the past evening or so doing this..

It was a freebie with a glossy magazine. Normally they are made of cheap and nasty fabric, but on this occasion it seems to be made of a medium cotton canvas. So I deocrated it with felt, buttons, embroidery and it was a chance to try out some lovely flower shaped brads that I had found. The inside is neatly finished but to hide the stitching I am going to line it. It is big enough to use as a make-up bag, a pencil case or for putting small sewing equipment in. Really had fun making this and I am going to have another go with some other fabric that I have.

Well we are pretty much ready for the builders to arrive on Tuesday. The boss came round thursday evening and we ironed out a few questions, so it is now all systems go!
Again I want to say hello to some new visitors!! The craftyblogs score is going down, the hit counter is going up, new visitors, I am not sure that I really understand how this all works, but really who cares as long we enjoy it, right?

Be back again for a few days then I shall be away for a few days, but "I shall be back".
Have a good evening, it is very windy here but at least the sun is shining!
Take care


Nan said...

Your little bag is so adorable!! I can just see you doing something very clever and creative to decorate that silly PLAIN bag I sent you, like line it with some hot pink fabric like this bag and scatter some of these adorable felt flowers on it or something!! I just can't get over how clever you are with felt crafts, I also can't get over how bad I feel about the simple little bag you picked as your prize, I STILL feel as if I cheated you out of a good prize!!!

pandolet said...

i just love the easter tree =)

good blog, congratulations =)

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